Love at First Sight!

Most of you probably already know that my daughter, Bethany loves Woolly Bear Caterpillars!

She’s been relentlessly searching far and wide for some ever since the weather got warmer.

But alas, her searches have all been in vain, because Woolly Bears don’t usually come out until right around her birthday, which is in October .

We keep telling her they only come out to say Happy Birthday to her!

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Well, one day during a particularly stressful Woolly Bear hunt, we came across an earthworm!

For Bethany, it was love at first sight!

Yes, she now loves  great big, slimy, wriggly, disgusting earthworms!

So, instead of searching for Woolly Bears every day, now we searches for earthworms!

The trouble is, we can’t always find them either.

Sometimes, if we can’t find any worms in the backyard, Bethany insists we search by the side of the road for them.

Most of the time it’s pretty safe to go for a walk down our country lane.

But it absolutely terrifies me when the great big farm trucks go speeding past us with their smelly loads of cow poo!!

And in the spring, they do so quite often.

I would prefer we not search on the side of the road, but when Bethany gets her mind made up to do something, there’s not really much I can do to stop her, other than locking the doors and hiding the keys.

(We have the kind of locks that need keys on the inside to open, for obvious safety reasons.)

Of course, her negative reaction to that ain’t pretty, but at least she won’t get hit by a truck!

But that’s a story for another day!

Anyway, I recently got the brilliant idea to get Bethany her very own worm farm kit!

The set we want comes complete with 500 slimy, disgusting earthworms and everything else she’ll need to keep her wriggling little earthworm friends alive!

I’m kind of hoping she can turn her passion into more than just a hobby.

I’m thinking she can start a little fishing bait business and sell some of her worms to fishermen!

I, however, want nothing to do with this endeavor!

The raising of the earthworms is gonna have to be Daddy/Daughter project!

See how I used Bethany’s love of insects to develop an individualized science lesson for her homeschooling program at Developing Curriculum Based on Autistic Obsessions.

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