Mako Robot Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery

Many of you already know I was diagnosed quite a few years ago with spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease.

For many years I had been told by my neurosurgeon and primary caregiver that my spinal issues were the culprit of all the leg pain and discomfort I’ve suffered with over the years.

We tried all kinds of treatments but none of them helped, so I was told my only option left was spinal surgery.

I didn’t want to have surgery on my spine so I just kind of gave up and lived with the pain.

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But recently, the pain got to be too much for me and I began having great difficulty walking.

I knew I couldn’t ignore my health any longer, so I resigned myself to having the surgery and made an appointment with my neurosurgeon.

However, when I arrived at my appointment I saw the neurosurgeon’s assistant, instead.

He was very thorough and spent a lot of time asking me questions and observing how I walk and sit.

Shockingly, he then proclaimed that he didn’t think my problem was my spine at all, but my hips and he immediately sent me to get an x-ray of my hips!

Lo and behold, the x-ray showed that I had severe arthritis in my hips!

I was then referred to an Orthopedic surgeon.

The Orthopedic surgeon concurred that I had really bad arthritis in my hips and that was all he said about my condition.

He presented me with several options for treatment which included getting both hips replaced.

While I was deciding what treatment to choose, I received an interesting flyer in the mail!

It was an invitation to a seminar about robotic arm assisted hip replacement surgery!

To make a long story a little bit shorter, Malcolm and I went to the seminar and were both very impressed!

I decided I wanted the robot to replace my hips for me and made an appointment with the doctor who performs this type of surgery.

When this doctor examined my x-rays, he was shocked!

He told me that my left hip is bone on bone and my right hip (in his exact words) is obliterated and they are both fused!!

He couldn’t believe I wasn’t in a wheelchair!

No wonder I have so much pain, walk like a sloth and can’t even lift my feet off the ground!

It has been a very long road to finding the correct diagnosis!

I’m so grateful we finally have!

I’m  also very relieved that I don’t need spinal surgery, at least not yet anyway!

I am nervous about having hip surgery, but not as scared as I was about having spinal surgery!

I’m also a little worried about how Bethany is going to handle it all, but we are working on a plan and preparing her for it!

I’m so excited to be getting my right hip replaced on February 26, 2018!

I am so looking forward to not having pain, being able to walk again, and increasing my range of motion!

After I recover from that, we’ll discuss scheduling my left hip!

Is it weird that I’m looking forward to four days alone in the hospital being waited on and having no responsibilities except to recuperate?!!

It will be like a vacation!

If you would like more information about the Mako Robot click Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology for total hip replacement

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  1. No, it isn’t weird. You have heavy responsibilities, and gave had to deal with pain while doing them. You need a break! I am praying your surgery goes perfectly.

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