Malcolm’s Very Best Father’s Day Ever!

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I’m so happy to say that I was able to enjoy a reprieve from my depression this past Sunday, as we celebrated Father’s Day 2017 with some of our children!

Malcolm’s special day actually began the night before Father’s Day when Rachel, Rebekah and William surprised him with a beautiful bright blue Sun Dolphin Kayak, which they had already affectionately dubbed the SS Papadoodle!

Malcolm had been longing for a kayak for years, but despite my urging him to go ahead and get one, he could never justify spending that much money on himself.

So needless to say, he was thrilled with this very heartfelt gift that his sweet daughters chose to get for him!sun dolphin kayak*This post contains affiliate links.

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The next day we all drove up to our little lake and took turns testing out Malcolm’s new kayak on the open water!

Of course, with my bad legs and broken shoulder it was impossible for me to give it a shot, but honestly,  just watching my family enjoying the new toy and having fun together was enough for me.

When my family is happy and having fun, so am I!

Even though Bethany had initially not planned on getting in the boat at all, she changed her mind after seeing her dad row all around the lake!

She was the second one to take the kayak out for a run.

The other kids helped her climb  into the kayak, then they pulled her around in the shallow area of the lake until she’d had enough.

Then one by one everyone else had their turn.

Bethany even had a second turn in the kayak with Rebekah, who actually paddled her around the lake that time!

It was a perfectly gorgeous day for hanging out at the lake.

Bethany even enjoyed looking for wildflowers with Rachel and dancing the Two Step with William.

She even made up a new kind of wave!

She calls it feet waving and she thought of this little joke all by herself!  (Rebekah caught this adorable moment on camera,, which you can see in the video below.)

On the way back home we spotted a gorgeous Peacock sitting on a tractor! (Also in the video.)

Our lovely Father’s Day celebration was, of course, too short, as most fun days are, but I’m sure we’ll make it up there for more fun again soon.

In fact, we had so much fun that we wanted to share it and decided to schedule a little family reunion up there for later in the summer!

Who knows, maybe I’ll even have this sling off by then!



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