Major Phenomenal Update: 1/31/17!!!

On January 31, 2017, Bethany’s Neurologist began the process to prescribe medical marijuana for her seizure disorder!!

As soon as NYS issues me my caregiver’s card, I’ll be high tailing it over to our local Pot Shop to get Bethany her first dose of medical marijuana!

I’ll keep you all posted with new developments!

Read more about our long journey to getting Bethany access to medical marijuana, below!!

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There was a time long, long, ago if you told me I would someday believe marijuana should be legalized, I would have told you that you were crazy.

Then one November day back in 2000, my precious two year old daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor that nearly destroyed her life!

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    purple-divider-Copy-Copy (1)Now if you were to ask me what I think about marijuana, this is what I’d tell you:
  • That the anecdotal evidence of how marijuana has medically benefited its many users have long been ignored and swept under the rug.
  • That as with all drugs, cannabis should not be used recreationally children, but that access should be made easier for the many ill children and adults who could benefit from it’s medicinal properties.
  • I believe that legalizing marijuana, would actually reduce its illegal recreational use.
  • That children, adults, and most especially, physicians should be educated on the many benefits of Cannabis, including: the medical, industrial, agricultural, environmental, spiritual, and economic benefits.
  • I believe it is time to eradicate antiquated  and out-dated anti-cannabis misinformation.
  • I personally believe that marijuana is less dangerous and damaging than alcohol.

My daughter has been on life threatening, liver damaging, mind altering medications for thirteen years in an attempt to control her extremely difficult, severe, and dangerous seizure disorder.

She has suffered for years with such debilitating side effects as nausea, vertigo, dizziness, light sensitivity, aggressive behavior, extreme weight gain, extreme weight loss, medication induced aphasia, and severe loss of balance.

She had until recently spent nearly twelve years literally unable to even get off the couch!

Using marijuana in the treatment of my daughter’s seizure disorder would actually be safer and more effective than the toxic medications she takes that are prescribed by her doctor!

There is enough anecdotal evidence showing the success and safety of using marijuana to control seizures in children to strongly suggest that its use for treating seizures should be legalized.

Misinformed, ignorant, and narrow minded people are preventing very sick children from living happy, healthy lives and quite frankly…it disgusts me!

My daughter and countless other sweet and innocent children have suffered long enough! It’s time to legalize the use of marijuana to reduce the pain and suffering of our precious children.
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25 thoughts on “Marijuana

  1. I could not agree with you more on this point! It’s sad to see that people with health issues cannot receive the pain relief that they deserve just because marijuana is deemed illegal. I’m glad to see that this is slowly starting to change, but I wish we would make more progress.

  2. Wow. Your words are very powerful. I am still not sure where I am on the issue of medical marijuana for minors. Adults suffering from illness, I’m definitely on board with. I will never understand how chemo is okay but marijuana is not. Children make me nervous though. Not that I think it will make Bethany start selling drugs on the street, just that her brain is still developing and resequencing how would this affect her chances? Of course, the prescribed meds are just as harmful I am sure.

    Very thought provoking though

    1. I used strong words because I feel very strongly about this issue, Kerri. Marijuana seems to be proving that it is more effective and less harmful to the body and brain than anti-seizure medications and I believe we should be able to try it with Bethany.

      1. As someone who uses marijuana for medical purposes, I can say resoundingly THAT THE SEIZURES AND THE MEDICATION USED TO TREAT THEM CAUSE MUCH MORE DAMAGE THAN THE MARIJUANA!!

        The ONLY reason marijuana has a “bad rap” goes back to the (RIDICULOUS) LIES that were spread about it- such as that it causes black men to rape women. Seriously. It was outlawed because of Henry Anslinger and other people who had a vested interest- who would lose money if marijuana was allowed to be cultivated. Look up “A History of Weed” on Youtube- it explains all of it succinctly.

        Also unrelated, but I know people who have been smoking weed (for fun– and in COPIOUS amounts) since they were 13! They legimately seem fine. Most of them are actually the smartest people I know! The only problem I see with them is that weed is a *major* focal point of their lives- meaning they obsess about smoking it and when they aren’t smoking, when they can smoke next. But it isn’t because weed is addicting- (in fact, alcohol has addictive properties while the “addictive” components of weed are PSYCHOLOGICAL) it’s because they’ve come to think of it as a part of their lives.

        Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  3. I have been hearing a lot about this lately and I will have to begin doing some research to better understand it. Like you, I don’t like having to rely on medication and that is why we pursued the ketogenic diet for Kyle’s seizures. But like you read on my post about the diet last week, Kyle still has to take some medication along with the diet. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. I was under the impression that the whole point of the diet was to eventually discontinue all medications. I hope that becomes a reality for Kyle someday! Thanks for stopping by again! I appreciate the support from a “sister” special needs mom!

  4. I can’t imagine seeing your child have seizures and having it be against the law to help. Something is seriously wrong with the system.

  5. What works is what works. Amphetamine salts are common in ADHD management and treatment, so I don’t see why this would be so controversial.

  6. What I appreciate the most about this article is that fact that it truely is time for us to take the responsibility of using the plant for it’s benefits. If more time and energy was placed in the research and placing the right importance on the benefits, the positives will surely outweigh the negatives. As with everything else, there are always negatives, but we have to see what greater good we can get out of it.

    1. I don’t know why it has taken so long, but I have just now found your comment! I couldn’t agree with you more! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  7. I don’t think it sounds crazy to want to legalize marijuana for the reasons you’ve enumerated, Sylvia. I mean, how difficult must it for a mother to watch her child go through a medical problem that could be treated in an instant, but she cannot do anything because said treatment is unlawful and illegal! Terrible, really.

    1. Somehow I have just now found your comment! It is legal in NY now, but it is so difficult to find a doctor to prescribe it, that it might as well not be! We are still fighting for access!

  8. What an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing! I am so glad recreational marijuana is legal in my state, Oregon. It is available to anyone and everyone who needs it!

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