Mini Junk Journals: One of a Kind Gifts!

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Looking for a unique, truly one of a kind holiday gift?

Check out my mini junk journals!

One day, I realized that I couldn’t afford to buy any of the lovely junk journals I was pining away for and I figured there were probably others out there in the same boat.

So, I made it my mission to create a line of more affordable mini junk journals. Minis use less materials and shipping costs are lower, thus making them much more affordable to purchase. My minis are just as gorgeously detailed, and lovingly created as the larger ones! They’re just smaller!

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You choose which type of unique, one of a kind, gorgeous junk journal you’d like me to design especially for you!

I will create a lovely 4 by 5 inch soft fabric covered junk journal with a 1/2 inch spine and at least 28 pages.

Pages will include hand tea and/or coffee dyed copy, ledger and graph papers mixed with a few beautiful scrapbook papers!

I may also, if supplies permit, include vintage book, dictionary, and/or nature identification book pages!

Each journal will also be equipped with an ample supply of handmade ephemera, tags, journaling cards, tuck spots, pockets, mini library card pocket, and 2 mini envelopes, all for your journaling pleasure! Each journal cover will also boast a handmade embroidery floss tassel and 1 charm.

You choose if you want your custom made journal to be a 1) Woodland Animals; 2) Botanical; 3) Butterfly/insect; or 4) Bird.

Please watch my video of the Woodland Animal junk journal to get a better idea of what you can expect, but please remember each journal will be one of a kind: similar, yet different!

You can see more of my work on my Crafty Old Lady page, on my YouTube channel, Crafty Old Lady, and at my Etsy shop, CraftyOldLady59!


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