Mom and Dad go to Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Museum

Last Sunday, Malcolm and I had the privilege of being able to visit the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Museum in Utica, NY!

The last time we went there we took Bethany and Jeremiah with is and counted it as a homeschool field trip!

But we encountered a problem when Bethany plopped herself down on the floor in the basement hallway.

The incident turned into a near nightmare and a lesson in autism/disability awareness for the museum staff!

You can read about our near tragedy at, A Frightening Lesson in Autism Awareness.


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We hadn’t darkened the door of this museum ever since that unfortunate experience.

And while I doubt we will ever take Bethany there again, now that I can walk a little better, we decided to give the museum another try!

We thought it might be fun to see if there were any new exhibits!

We were also hoping to see if some of our old favorites were still there as well!

There was a mix of new and old exhibits!

Malcolm and I were happy that we were able to catch the new, Jewels of Time, exhibit which will only be there for a limited time!

80 pocket watches out of 300 from the Proctor Collection were brilliantly on display!

Who knew there could be so many different types of pocket watches?!

One of them was actually a tiny, little pocket sun dial!

We were also able to visit with our old friends, Hopper, Dali, Pollock, Picasso and Klee!

Of course we cannot forget another one of our favorites, Thomas Cole’s magnificent, Voyage of Life, series of religious landscape paintings which you can see in all their glory in the video below!

But in reality, my all time favorite piece in the Munson-Williams-Proctor Museum is the humble children’s grave stone sculpture, Sleeping Children by William Rhinehart-1870!

I absolutely adore these sweet sleeping babies!

The sculptor’s ability to recreate such lifelike adorable sweetness is nothing short of amazing, in my opinion!

They look like they could awaken at any moment and crawl into your lap for a cuddle!

It’s a shame they were created for such a sad occasion!

I invite you to look through the photos and watch the video below, then tell me in the comments what your favorite exhibit is!

Edward Hopper
Edward Hopper- The Camel’s Hump, 1931
jackson Pollack
Jackson Pollock N0.2, 1949
Paul Klee
Paul Klee- Landscape Near Hades 1937
Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso- Pigeon in Nest With Eggs 1912
Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali- Cardinal, Cardinal! 1934

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