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Your therapy Source is by far my favorite online therapy source for affordable, fun, creative, and effective occupational and physical therapy products and special education materials!

Each item is written or created by a team of professionals with years of experience in pediatric therapy and special education with the intent of being used as resources by occupational and physical therapists in schools and pediatric therapy practices.

However, I believe these quality products are also perfect for use by special needs homeschooling parents as well!

Busy parents who teach their children at home can take advantage of using expertly created therapy resources right in their own home!

Whether you are a homeschooling parent who does not wish to participate in public school therapies for your special needs child or a parent who wants to supplement the professional therapy services your is child already receiving, adding Your Therapy Source products into your special students homeschooling or after school routine is the right choice!

In my opinion, you can not go wrong when including Your Therapy Source materials and products into your child’s therapy program!!
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So… how can these products actually benefit kids with special needs?

They give the fine motor muscles and visual motor muscles a workout which will transfer over into improving such daily living activities as:

  • tooth brushing
  • using eating utensils
  • tying shoes
  • buttoning buttons
  • cutting with scissors
  • hand sewing
  • reading
  • writing
  • eye-hand coordination
  • kicking a ball
  • catching a ball

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I incorporate many of Your Therapy Source’s fine motor skills and visual motor skills downloadable workbooks into Bethany’s homeschooling program on a regular basis.

Bethany particularly loves sharpening her visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, visual closure skills, visual discrimination, spatial relationships, and visual memory by searching for and copying patterns and designs in her “Patterns, Patterns, Patterns book: a 56 page book of visual perceptual worksheets!

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Another favorite of Bethany’s that we use quite frequently is the “Visual Motor Workbook”, a collection of 54 pages of 20 different visual motor exercises with varying degrees of difficulty.

Bethany practices holding and controlling her writing utensil while attempting to trace a variety of different types of cute and colorful lines such as waves and zig zags, and draw circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and hearts.

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“Cut and Paste” is a fun and colorful 45 page cutting skills practice activity book.  As Bethany cuts apart and pastes each piece of the puzzle correctly for each exciting and engaging project she is actually working on her fine motor skills, counting skills, visual perceptual, visual closure, visual discrimination and visual motor skills. She has no idea that she is working so hard because she enjoys each activity immensely!

Do you have a sweet, little or big Duplo lover? If so you might want to check out Building Blocks Patterns and Games! We’ve even adapted some of the activities to use with Legos!
Building Block Patterns and Games

How do you feel about DIY therapies?

Do you have a favorite product or source for your child’s therapies?  Do tell!

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*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item through one of my links, you’ll be helping to support Faith, Hope, and Love!! Thanks!!

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