I’m Thankful Our Bi-Annual MRI is Done!

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This Friday finds me very thankful that Bethany’s bi-annual MRI is over and done with!

The afternoon that we were scheduled to check into the hospital’s Hannah Lee House, a very stinky and greasy Bethany kept refusing to take her shower.

When the time finally came that she absolutely had to take her shower that very minute or we’d have to cancel our reservation at Hannah Lee House, she went ballistic- kicking, slapping, and grabbing onto furniture as we tried to move her into the bathroom!

By the way, just in case you were wondering, Hannah Lee House is a place where cancer patients and their families can stay while undergoing treatments.

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Honestly, if Bethany hadn’t skipped her shower the day before I would have just said forget the shower and gone anyway, but she was quite gross.

There was no way that we could have taken her in for her MRI in such a stinky condition and I couldn’t be certain she’d submit to taking a shower at Hannah Lee House either.

Based on Bethany’s violent reaction to the idea of taking a shower,  I was pretty sure we’d never be able to get her into the car to go that night so I canceled our reservation at Hannah Lee House.

I was distraught and deeply discouraged.

I didn’t know how we’d ever get her to the hospital by 6:30 a.m. without having food and routine issues if we didn’t stay over night at Hannah Lee House where she had no access to food and wouldn’t expect to follow her normal morning routine.

I thought I had prepared her so well. I had even put together a (very crude) social story book for Bethany in an attempt to explain to her what was going to happen on MRI day.

But I hadn’t included taking a shower in the book!

It’s so hard to think of everything!

The pages of her MRI book. Page 1 and 2 are her current favorite breakfast foods with a red "no" circle over them. (She could not eat before the procedure.) Yes she eats grilled cheese and spaghetti for breakfast! Page 3 is a picture of the hospital. Page 4 is a picture of Bethany lying on the MRI machine. Page 5 and 6 are the rewards (foods) she would be allowed to eat after her MRI was done.

Miracle of miracles, we did somehow eventually managed to persuade Bethany into taking a shower!

After her shower, her switch flipped and she became happy and cooperative!

(I had been praying and pleading with God to change her attitude!)

Malcolm thought he’d give Hannah Lee House a call and ask if we could still come and they said yes!

Then Bethany calmly and quietly got into the car and we were on our way!

Since we wanted to give Bethany an immediate reward for finally cooperating and she could eat until midnight we decided not to make her wait for her reward of either a Subway sandwich or some Pizza Hut pizza.

When she finished her meal we checked into our room where she continued to behave beautifully.

She got ready for bed and watched Stuart Little 2 and Baby Bop’s School on her little DVD player just like she always does at home.

Then she fell asleep.

Easy Peasy!!

The next morning we woke up at 5:00, packed up the car, drove to the hospital and registered Bethany for her MRI by 6:30 without a hitch.

Then we proceeded to wait until 8:00 when she was finally called her in for the procedure!

Why do they always require you to arrive so early only to make you wait so long?!

Waiting around is most definitely not a strength of Bethany’s and I was getting worried she’d used up all her goodness waiting, yet she continued to behave herself!

While waiting, I filled out a medical questionnaire and then proceeded to answer the same exact questions for three different medical professionals!

The anesthesiologist finally arrived and insisted on doing a pregnancy test on Bethany!

I was shocked when she agreed to pee on demand!!

He was very apologetic about requiring it, but explained that too many times after the procedure is over parents discover that their daughters had been pregnant then filed lawsuits against the doctors for not performing a pregnancy test first!

Well, guess what…surprise surprise Bethany isn’t pregnant!

Throughout this whole ordeal Bethany behaved like a perfect angel!

She continued to cooperate even after waking up from the anesthesia, which has not always been the case!

We have never had an MRI appointment go so smoothly without major behavior problems before!

All I can say is, “Thank you, Lord for helping us make it through one more MRI!”

Now that my MRI procedure anticipation anxiety is over I have transitioned into my waiting for the MRI results anxiety phase!

And I am over the moon ecstatic that Bethany’s doctor’s have decided that this MRI could be her last one unless we suspect any problems in the future, that is!!

*2018 update: Bethany has never needed another MRIand is still brain tumor free!

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19 Replies to “I’m Thankful Our Bi-Annual MRI is Done!

  1. Oh Sylvia, after such a rough start to Bethany’s MRI morning, I’m so glad to hear that it all went well. Have a great weekend, and thanks for hostessing Friendship Friday.

  2. I truly hated getting MRIs and my DH is a big baby about it also. Glad to hear she made it through and thanks for sharing your week with us.

  3. Sylvia praying always for you and your girl. I am so glad your MRI story had a happy ending after a rough start. Hope this next week is a wonderful one. Thank you for hosting this every Friday!

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