Under Siege: Aggressive Behavior!

Unfortunately, my special needs daughter is prone to aggressive behavior. It’s not really her fault. It’s all part of her disability, but sometimes it’s hard not to take her attacks personally. Yesterday, I spent most of the day running away from Bethany!  She was trying to bully me into submission by either, badgering me, kicking […]

Another Birthday

With nine kids, it seems like we’re always celebrating another birthday around here! On Monday we celebrated our son, Josiah’s 25th birthday (Sep. 4) and my husband’s 58th birthday (Sep. 7)! It’s hard to believe that either of them are really that old. Josiah lives about 20 miles away in a larger town, so we […]

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is not only the month that brings to us the colorful majesty of God’s natural beauty-Autumn- it is also  Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I encourage you all to get on the American Childhood Cancer Organization’s website and discover how you can help fight this dreaded disease. http://www.acco.org/Home.aspx According to the ACCO website, approximately 13,000 […]

Adjusting to Life after Brain Tumor

This is our story of how we have adjusted to our new normal.  How we have been adjusting to life after brain tumor! Upon her release from the hospital Bethany was like a newborn baby all over again. She couldn’t sit up, crawl, or walk. She couldn’t feed herself or talk. The social worker at […]

Life skills for Special Needs Kids

Most special needs kids will  not automatically understand how to help themselves or others around the house. They may need to be patiently taught  specific skills such as picking up their own clothes or getting the toilet paper off the roll.  Please enjoy Bethany’s newly discovered life skills for special needs kids. Normally, Bethany is […]

Book Review: “The Visual Motor Workbook” From Your Therapy Source

Once again I have a creative and therapeutically effective workbook from, “Your Therapy Source” to review for you!  The name of the nifty little book is the  “Visual Motor Workbook”.   This downloadable book is packed with 54 pages of 20 different visual motor activities, each with varying degrees of difficulty.  It is available in […]

Gall Bladders, Kidneys, and Appendicitis, Oh My!

All parents worry about what would happen to their kids if something happened to them. Recently, my fear came true when I was diagnosed with appendicitis! I’m sure that all parents worry from time to time about what would happen to their children if something should happen to them.  Being the mother of two special […]

I am a Christian who Doesn’t go to Church!

I have chosen to no longer attend church!   I know some of you may be thinking, “She doesn’t go to church?  She must not really be a Christian!” Well, I hate to disappoint some of you, but I can assure you that I am. I am a Christian who doesn’t go to church! I love […]