“Patterns, Patterns, Patterns” A Book Review

  Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, a downloadable work book and excellent occupational therapy resource from Your Therapy Source! Homeschooling a special needs student sometimes means that you must also provide them with (and prove that you are providing) a little extra assistance in the area of special education, occupational and/or physical therapy. If you are in […]

Equipped for Life as Special Needs Mom

I am a special needs mom. My daughter has an especially intense and dominating personality. She can be super humanly relentless in her pursuit of happiness, sometimes to the point of being super humanly physical. This nearly unbearable behavior is a regular part of her seizure cycle. For a day or two, sometime even three […]

Fly Creek Cider Mill: Week End With My Son and His Wife!

We always look forward to the times when my son, Jim and his lovely wife, Hye Sun visit for the week end! We usually take them for at least one trip to the Fly Creek Cider Mill! This weekend we were so blessed that our oldest son and his lovely wife were able to take […]

Random Thoughts of a Special Needs Mom

Ten Random Thoughts of this special needs mom! 1)  I had a dream that when my husband very elaborately and dramatically with twirls and fancy dance moves returned the shopping cart to the cart corral  everyone in the parking lot cheered for him because he had returned the cart.  Then when I returned the shopping […]

Siblings of Special Kids: Rachel

Awesome sibling of a special kid, Rachel made her dramatic debut on our ninth anniversary. We had been planning a home birth, but what we hadn’t planned for was an unassisted home birth! Sometimes Rachel’s birthday actually falls on Mother’s Day too! We had been planning a home birth just as we had for three out […]

Siblings of Special Kids: Rebekah

  Brothers and Sisters of Special Kids often live quietly in the background because they don’t want to add any more stress to their over burdened parents, but siblings of special kids are special too.  They deserve to be noticed and celebrated! Since I have promised that my blog would not just be about Bethany, […]

Jersey Shore Vacation: Part 2

I wanted to post some more of our Jersey Shore vacation pictures and tell you all about something unexpected that happened to my husband on the boardwalk. I also wanted to tell you all more about Allaire Village, the place where we camped in the yurt. On our vacation we took the kids to the […]

Siblings of Special Kids: Jeremiah

This post was written as a contribution to the Living Life Special Blog Carnival. The participating bloggers are sharing their experiences in parenting or teaching children with special needs.  Also included are posts on how to educate others about special needs. Siblings of special kids often get lost in  the shuffle of life, but brothers and sisters […]