Siblings of Special Kids: Rachel

Awesome sibling of a special kid, Rachel made her dramatic debut on our ninth anniversary. We had been planning a home birth, but what we hadn’t planned for was an unassisted home birth! Sometimes Rachel’s birthday actually falls on Mother’s Day too! We had been planning a home birth just as we had for three out […]

Siblings of Special Kids: Rebekah

  Brothers and Sisters of Special Kids often live quietly in the background because they don’t want to add any more stress to their over burdened parents, but siblings of special kids are special too.  They deserve to be noticed and celebrated! Since I have promised that my blog would not just be about Bethany, […]

Jersey Shore Vacation: Part 2

I wanted to post some more of our Jersey Shore vacation pictures and tell you all about something unexpected that happened to my husband on the boardwalk. I also wanted to tell you all more about Allaire Village, the place where we camped in the yurt. On our vacation we took the kids to the […]

Siblings of Special Kids: Jeremiah

This post was written as a contribution to the Living Life Special Blog Carnival. The participating bloggers are sharing their experiences in parenting or teaching children with special needs.  Also included are posts on how to educate others about special needs. Siblings of special kids often get lost in  the shuffle of life, but brothers and sisters […]

Jersey Shore Vacation Prep!

We are getting ready for our vacation at the Jersey Shore! We decided to rent out a yurt for our upcoming Jersey Shore vacation! I know it will be a bit too primitive for me, but at least it will make the trip affordable enough that we can actually go! It is a good thing that […]

My Happiness List

My happiness list!  On this list are the top ten things that have made me happy this week! 1)  After a trying Sunday morning, my husband and I went for a drive (ALONE!!!) to get something, anything to keep a woodchuck (probably the same woodchuck that tried to come in the cat door, but that’s […]

Life After Brain Tumor: Our New Normal

Way back in December of 2000 my husband and I thought that after Bethany’s brain tumor surgery we would all return home and go back to living our lives the way we always had. The doctors had all assured us that this was a relatively routine procedure for a brain surgeon. Normally, this type of […]

Life with an Uncontrolled Epilepsy

There’s never a dull moment when your child has uncontrolled epilepsy! Sometimes I wish there was! This Thursday I am thankful that because Bethany didn’t have any big seizures yesterday, she and so the rest of us were able enjoy the day hanging out around the BBQ (yes we did grill real MEAT for the […]

Worries Unique to Special Needs Parents

I’m sure that all special needs parents worry about how they will continue to care for their special loved one as they age, and even more so if they were older parents when their child was born or they have a disability themselves. One not so well-known fact bout me is that Bethany is not […]