Special Needs Family Link Share # 16: Panic Attack

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This has been a tough week for me while playing the waiting game.

1. We’re Waiting for our house to get sold.

Someone driving by stopped and took pictures of the house. I really hope they call the realtor to make an appointment. That’s all the interest shown in our house, as of yet, that I know of!

2. We’re Waiting for Bethany’s Dream from the Dream Factory to be fulfilled.

This dream has turned out to be an extreme source of frustration and anxiety for me.

I’m just so glad that Bethany doesn’t really comprehend the whole concept of this dream thing, because if she did, she would have been devastatingly disappointed with how long it is taking!

So many things have gone wrong with her dream plans, including: an illness, a death, lack of communication, and items back ordered, but I think everything may finally be resolved now. We shall see!

3. We’re Waiting for our guardianship interview. 

We have done everything we needed to do, including: filling out and notarizing pages and pages of paperwork, remembering all four guardians and their spouse’s addresses for the past 28 years, getting affidavits signed and notarized by all 6 kids who aren’t going to be guardians saying they are okay with the guardians we chose, and all four guardians getting fingerprinted.

The only thing left for us to do is have someone from The Mental Hygiene Office meet with us and look around our home.

It is the anticipation of this meeting that actually made me have a full blown panic attack last night.

It started with not being able to sleep because I was obsessing about our upcoming meeting.

I began having trouble breathing, so I got out of bed to walk it off.

But being up all alone in the dark always makes situations seem even more hopeless to me.

I began crying uncontrollably for a while.

This of course woke up my husband and daughter Rachel who both tried to help me, but were at a loss for what to actually do.

Anyway, I got over it and we all went back to bed, but I still couldn’t fall asleep.

The person from the Mental Hygiene Office will come into our home and interview Bethany then recommend to the court if she thinks we will be good guardians for Bethany or not and whether or not our home is fit for her to live in.

The fact that she has that much power over Bethany’s future is frightening and intimidating to me.

I will be soooooo glad when this is all over on July 5th!

Now that I’ve vented all of this onto you, I hope you all have had a wonderful week!


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5 Replies to “Special Needs Family Link Share # 16: Panic Attack

  1. Waiting, I think, is the most difficult thing to do. I know that I don’t do it well, but either. I am sorry to hear about your panic attack, but it is nice that you have such a loving family to help you through it. ❤

  2. Panic attacks are scary. I’ve had them before, but no one can actually tell what’s going on with me. My teachers just tell me “Get back to work” when it happens. I want them to understand, but I fear that if I explain that I will be denied opportunities and seen as lazy.

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