Phillips Family Christmas 2017

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We hope you all had a wonderful 2017 holiday season!

Actually, we hope you all had a wonderful 2017!

This year, our holiday celebration began on Christmas Eve when our daughter, Rebekah and her husband, William came over!

Just like we always do when the kids come home for a visit, we played games, ate yummy food, and joked around with Bethany!

After we had eaten our fill and the games were over, we decided to exchange the Christmas presents we had gotten or made for each other!

I love the beautiful Pioneer Woman bird salt and pepper shakers that Rebekah got me!

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Christmas morning was more quiet and laid back.

It was just Malcolm, me, Bethany, Nate and Jeremiah.

Every time I had asked Bethany what she wanted for Christmas this year, all she ever said was “12 presents!”

So as not to disappoint, Malcolm and I set out to find 12 presents for Bethany without breaking the bank!

In the end we were successful!

Some were big and some were small but come Christmas morning, Bethany had 12 presents to open!

We decided to let her open her presents first, then get the boys up to open theirs.

Bethany liked all her presents but her favorite one was definitely the Christmas Carousel!

After all the gifts were open, Malcolm got to work on his famous stuffing!

Everyone looks forward to Dad’s stuffing and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

This year, as last, our son, Josiah and his wife, Katy offered to host Christmas dinner!

This arrangement has worked out very well, probably because our larger than life, big boisterous family and Katy’s quiet little family get along quite well!

Once again, Bethany behaved very well and thoroughly enjoyed seeing her brothers, sisters, cousins, aunt, niece and nephew!

She honestly was a regular social butterfly!

She even handed out some presents rather than just wanting them all for herself!

The only thing I really miss about not having our family Christmas gathering at our house is all the after party games and banter!

It’s hard coming back home to a quiet and almost empty house!

Although this year’s Christmas season was not without a couple of disappointments, we all did have a wonderful day and we hope that you did too!

And now, I’d like to wish you all a very happy new year filled with love, joy, peace, good health, and much prosperity!

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