Post Hip Surgery Check Up

Last week I had my first post hip replacement surgery check up.

I went to my appointment feeling confident that I was doing great!

My incision site was healing nicely, and the redness and swelling in my legs was less than before surgery!

I had already traded in the walker for a cane!

My range of motion had already increased tremendously!

But best of all I am no longer wracked with pain every minute of every day!!

In fact, I actually never even had any surgery related pain to speak of!!!

It’s incredible!!

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Unfortunately, though I seem to have suddenly developed a severe case of Restless Leg Syndrome which has been depriving me of much needed sleep.

Apparently this can happen after spinal anesthesia and should go away within a few weeks.

I looked into trying medication for it, but the potential side effects scared me off.

If a medication has a nasty side effect, it’s a fact that I will experience it.

If it doesn’t go away soon, I might change my mind though, because it really is driving me crazy and I believe lack of sleep is contributing to the depression I seem to be dealing with again.

Of course, I’m sure that going through a major surgery as a special needs mom and all the anxiety that goes along with that has caused a little depression too.

I really wish I could just catch a break and feel great both physically and mentally!!

Also, because my right leg is now longer than my left, I do have a significant limp.

But, my surgeon assures me he will fix the limp when he replaces my left hip!

Malcolm had been home with Bethany and me for three weeks and just started back to work yesterday.

It has always been depressing for me when he’s been home for a while and then returns to work.

And this time it’s been no different.

I think he really enjoyed being home and spending time with us, too.

He had a blast taking us shopping, eating out and just having some time to enjoy reading and watching videos.

The truth is, my recovery has been so quick and easy, he really could have returned to work a week ago, but I’m glad he didn’t!

Anyway, my doctor ordered 6 weeks of physical therapy two times a week to help improve my range of motion and get me walking properly again.

I also need to learn how to sit properly again, because as my condition worsened I lost the ability to sit up straight without sliding down into a reclining position.

It’s super annoying!!

I can’t lean forward when I’m sitting either, unless I hold onto something and pull myself forward.

It makes eating at a table hard and messy unless I hold the plate up to my face and then I feel like a pig.

So I need to work on my back and trunk muscles, too!

A great worry was lifted off my shoulders when my doctor told me I didn’t need to wear the support hose anymore!

I know it sounds silly, but I was really stressing out about how I was going to put them on once Malcolm went back to work!

And I no longer have to worry about Bethany finding out that I’ve been wearing them underneath my regular socks!

Anyway, after my appointment we picked up Rebekah, took her out to lunch with us and did a little window shopping.

It was the first time in years that I was actually brave enough to eat in a restaurant and it was a Chinese Buffet at that!

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to ditch my cane to get my own food!

Sitting at the table was not quite as hard or painful as it has been, but I did still need to hold the plate up to my mouth.

I didn’t care though because I was having so much fun!

I have to admit that I did feel a little bit guilty visiting Rebekah without Bethany because she loves seeing her sister so much!

But, while we were having fun, Bethany was also having fun!

She was out and about with Connie going shopping, eating out and swimming at the Y!

I just found out that my new hip cost almost $50,000, but thanks to Malcolm’s insurance, we only have to pay $500!

We have been wishing that Malcolm could retire soon, but it will have to wait, at least until after I get my other my other hip done!

We need his insurance!!

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