Could it be Possible that I Just Might be a Pro-Life Christian Feminist?

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What are the chances that a 58 year old Christian woman like myself could be a pro-life Christian Feminist?

Well, regardless of what anyone else might think, a pro-life Christian feminist is what I consider myself to be!

A long time ago, in another place and time, I considered myself to be the epitome of a good, little Christian wife!

I was meek, quiet, and submissive.

pro-life christian feminist
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In fact, I was so good at being meek, quiet, and submissive that I just sat back and watched while my husband made quite a few financial blunders.

Instead of discussing the issue with my husband as an equal, I just sat back and silently prayed about it.

I was certain that because I was quietly and submissively praying about it, God would show my husband the error of his ways!

However, on the contrary, in the middle of all our financial troubles, our daughter, Bethany was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor.

She and I suddenly found ourselves living in a hospital 60 miles away from home.

We were there for 2 months while she recuperated from brain surgery and related complications.

Meanwhile, my husband and our other children were back at home, and my husband just kept right on making bad financial decisions.

When Bethany and I returned home from the hospital I discovered phone and electricity shut off notices.

I also found a notice saying that unless we paid our delinquent property taxes ASAP, we would lose our home!

Well, I can tell you that I had finally had enough of that nonsense!

At that point, I knew without a doubt, that for the sake of my family I needed to stop being a meek, quiet, submissive, and good, little Christian wife!

And at that precise moment in time, I became a pro-life Christian Feminist!

I immediately took matters into my own hands.

Without going into detail,  I told my husband to stop making stupid financial decisions or I’d divorce him.

Then I took our money matters into my own hands!

I negotiated with the phone and electric companies and they agreed not to shut our services off!

I begged our town clerk for more time to pay our taxes.

She agreed, but only because she felt bad that our daughter had been through the horrors of a brain tumor.

Now, you might be wondering how my husband reacted to my sudden change of character.

As crazy as it might seem, he was actually quite relieved and thankful that he finally had some help!

Since that fateful moment nearly 16 years ago, I’ve refined and added to what being a pro-life Christian Feminist means to me.

Currently, I believe that:

  • The oppression of and violence against all women and children everywhere needs to stop.
  • Men and women are equal partners in a marriage.
  • Women don’t have to be silent and submissive.
  • Girls and women can use their gifts and talents, especially in situations where they are better equipped to do the job than men.
  • Women can be leaders…even in the church!
  • Daughters aren’t the property of their fathers and wives aren’t the property of their husbands.
  • Girls and women have the right to an education.
  • Women can choose to have careers or not.
  • Girls and women should be paid the same salary for doing the same jobs as men.
  • It is okay to earn more money than our boyfriends or husbands do.
  • Wives can have their own money and their own separate bank accounts.
  • Birth control should be available to all women.

Actually, I probably agree with just about everything my pro-choice feminist sisters believe in.

In fact, I have a hunch that the only issue we differ on is the abortion issue.

From what I understand,  as a pro-life Christian feminist, it’s acceptable for me  to personally believe abortion is wrong.

However, at the same time, I must also support my pro-choice sisters’ right to choose an abortion.

I must admit that this is an extremely hard thing for me to do.

It’s hard because I don’t think of abortion as being a women’s right.

I don’t think choosing or not choosing life for an unborn baby is a woman’s right.

It is my belief that choosing an abortion is taking away someone else’s human right to live!

That’s because I believe that a human becomes a human at conception.

No matter how tiny or flawed a human may be, I believe he or she has the right to live.

I believe that microscopic, defenseless little humans who can’t speak for themselves have the right to live.

And that’s why I call myself a pro-life Christian feminist!

Do you think pro-life Christian feminist is an accurate description of who I am?

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