Random Acts of God

When most people hear the phrase, Acts of God, they instantly envision tornadoes, floods, or other natural disasters happening!

In fact, many insurance policies still refer to such natural disasters as Acts of God!

Dictionary.com defines an Act of God as being a direct, sudden, and irresistible action of natural forces such as could not reasonably have been foreseen or prevented, as a flood, hurricane, earthquake, or other natural catastrophe.

random acts of God

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purple divider - Copy - CopyLately,  I’ve been doing a  lot of thinking about these kinds of random acts of God.

Because, It seems to me that God does act randomly in random people’s lives, picking and choosing whom He will bless or not bless, with no rhyme or reason.

God’s ways are mysterious, for sure .

But, I’ll be so bold as to say, that I find many of God’s acts to be confusing, bewildering, upsetting, and dare I say, even pointless.

And sometimes, I don’t think God is acting in any way at all!

Why does God intervene and stop bad things from happening to some people, but not others?

I get so jealous when I hear people talking about how God is so good to them and blessing them.

Because, I don’t feel like He is being so good to my daughter, Bethany, or blessing her.

On the contrary, so many times over the past 16 years, I have felt as if God has purposely not blessed Bethany or been good to her in any way, shape, or form.

There have been so many times where I have begged Him to intervene in her life…

So many times when I have begged Him to make her life better…

So many times when I have begged Him to stop her suffering…

And He never does.

I hear about all kinds of people getting miracles everyday!

Even people that don’t deserve them or even need them, get miracles!

But not Bethany.

She’s been given the horrific bum deal of pretty much relentless suffering since she was two years old!

She never even had a chance to, in any way, to be undeserving of a blessing, or a miracle, or a life free from suffering.

It always feels to me,  like God is ignoring and overlooking my precious daughter, Bethany.

Does God really just randomly act in random people’s lives, handing out blessings and miracles willy nilly, or withholding them without any rhyme or reason?

He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

-Matthew 5:45b (NKJ)
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3 thoughts on “Random Acts of God

  1. I understand your feelings, and I agree that it does seem God acts in random ways. However, as humans, we do not and cannot understand God’s ways. So, I personally have chosen to have faith that God is in control; and, while it may end up that our daughters will never be healed while here on this earth, I believe blessings do come in many shape and form. It all depends on your perspective as to what you consider to be a blessing.

    1. Yes, I have enough faith to hold out hope that someday, I will understand. But until then, I just can’t wrap my head around how allowing a child to suffer can be God’s best way of being in control.

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