Shopping For Shoes With Autism

The other day it became apparent that Bethany needed new shoes!

The thin, cloth lining inside of her shoe kept slipping off and it was bugging her and it was bugging me to have to slip it back in every time she wanted to wear them.

So, I decided to broach the idea to her of possibly going to the store to buy new shoes.

Now, I must interject here that Bethany has rarely- as in almost never- ever wanted to shop for shoes or clothes or anything else for that matter!

She likes to go to the store, but only to look around.

Not to buy anything!

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All these years, I’ve picked out shoes, clothes or any other article of clothing she might need and then I bring them home for her to try on.

The trouble is, she refuses to even try anything on if the tags are still attached!!!

So, in order for us to get her to try on anything, we actually have to cut the tags off.

Even the tags that are sewn into the clothing!

As you can imagine, we have, on occasion, ended up donating brand new clothes that have no tags on them!!

But that’s a whole other story for another day!

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t super surprised when Bethany told me to get her the new shoes and bring them home for her to try on.

I really wanted her to go, though because I had absolutely no idea what size shoes to get her!

Malcolm and I commenced trying to convince her to at least ride in the car with us to the store.

Surprisingly, she agreed!

It was our hope that she’d also agree to go in when we got there!

It wasn’t looking good, however, because she was adamant the whole 30 miles there that she was not going to go inside!

So, when we arrived at our destination and she got out of the car, I was super surprised!

Inside the store, she immediately made a beeline to the shoe aisle.

I told her to look for the numbers 4 or 5 on shoes that she liked.

She quickly found a cute pair of size 4 sneakers she liked,  but refused to try them on!

Can you guess why?

They had a tag on them, of course!

They were also tied together,

I thought we might have to resort to our old tricks: buy her the shoes, have her try them on at home and hope they fit so we wouldn’t have to drive 30 miles back again to return them.

But Dad saved the day!

He was able to get the shoes apart and he was even so bold as to rip off the tag!

SHHH!!  Don’t tell anyone!

Then Bethany tried them on and they fit!

She was thrilled to discover that they even light up!

Now the trick was going to be convincing her to take them off so we could pay for them!

She super surprised me once again by agreeing to do so!

She did, however, refuse to put her old shoes back on!

So Bethany walked through the entire store from the shoe aisle in the back to the bench in the front, with no shoes on, where she waited with dad, quite patiently in fact, while I paid for her new shoes!

Mission accomplished!

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