How a Social Club for Autistic Kids Helps My Daughter!

social club for autistic kids

Everyone needs friends and opportunities to socialize and have fun! Our special needs kids are no different than anyone else!

The problem is that social opportunities designed specifically for kids with special needs in mind are rare and hard to come by!

That’s why when we disovered Flash Club, a fitness and social club for autistic kids, we knew we had found a rare gem and jumped at the chance to get Bethany involved!

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Bethany is my special needs daughter. She obsesses and thrives on routine and sameness. Our days and nights can be quite monotonous, boring, and dare I say sometimes even depressing, for both of us.

Our mornings and evenings are filled to the brim with the same exact routines and rituals right down to Bethany asking me the same, exact questions and me answering those same, exact questions in exactly the same way as I always do. every. single. day and night.

Thankfully, attending Flash Club, a social club for autistic kids, has spiced up and added a little pizzazz to Bethany’s afternoons! She now has a few pleasant diversions from her normally strict routines.

Getting Bethany involved in Flash Club has, in all likelihood, been one of the very best decisions we have ever made for her.

Flash Club gives Bethany something fun to anticipate and look forward to.

Attending Flash Club has gently and comfortably eased Bethany into being able to handle transitions and accepting changes, because she knows that she will get to enjoy the same activity for 8 weeks at a time, but she also knows that soon she will move on to another activity. This has helped Bethany gradually learn to expect change and accept that change can be fun and exciting! This skill has carried over into other situations in her life as well!

Flash Club has given Bethany the opportunity to meet new people and form close relationships and true friendships with her peers and mentors.

The activities at Flash Club have given Bethany the opportunity to practice, (in a safe and controlled environment), taking turns, waiting, sharing, and behaving in socially acceptable ways.

Flash Club has opened Bethany up to the idea and given her the courage to try other new activities in our community.

Attending Flash Club and other community activities has made Bethany feel less isolated and given her a sense of belonging!

Participating in Flash Club and other community activities has played a huge part in creating a happy, fulfilling and very satisfying life for Bethany.

And that makes mom happy!

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  1. I wish they had a club like that for adults! On a sidenote… I have been thinking about the possibility of starting some sort of afterschool program for kids with special needs. Maybe I could create something like this in my area!

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