Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp: Dreams Coming True

special needs and homeschooling blog linkup

special needs and homeschooling blog lomkup

Welcome to the Special Needs and Homeschooling blog linkUp, the safe gathering place for special needs families and/or homeschoolers to share, support, and encourage one another!! I’m so glad you’re here!!

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In keeping with my commitment to positive living, finding joy in every moment, and respecting Bethany. I’ve decided that posting too much detail about Bethany’s behavior issues is just just plain too much information.

It was pointed out to me that posting about Bethany’s meltdowns might be embarrassing for her even though she can’t really comprehend embarrassment.

When I really thought about it, I realized that I wouldn’t want any of my own meltdowns posted for the whole world to see. So, I’ve decided that while I’ll still remain honest about our struggles, there will be no more detailed reports of meltdowns here at Faith, Hope, and Love!

I’d really like you all to read more about my feelings on the subject at No More Meltdowns.

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Last week Jeremiah, Rachel, and Rebekah took a trip to Fly Creek Cider Mill and here is the promised video of their adventure. It’s really cute if I do say so myself!

Rebekah’s wedding is fast approaching and I’m getting nervous about everything getting done on time and the big day running smoothly. It’s going to be a casual, simple country wedding, but there’s still so much to think about and organize, and having another kid that needs 24/7 supervision and is sometime uncooperative makes me almost useless to really help with the preparations very much.

I think that not being able to be fully there for my other kids in times like these is the hardest thing about having a high maintenance special needs kid.

I was really wondering just how I was even going to attend the wedding at all for a while because Bethany’s aide is a Bride’s Maid and I really have no one else that can supervise Bethany so that I can give my full attention to the bride! Thankfully , Beth’s old aide has returned to work from her maternity leave and has agreed to help us!

Rachel has planned a bridal shower for Rebekah for this Sunday so that should be fun. I am bringing Bethany along to the shindig and Malcolm is going to hang around in case she doesn’t want to stick around for the duration of the party!!
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Rachel’s dream of teaching English in another country is quickly becoming a reality. This time she will be there for two years!! She already has her reservation in for the training coming up in July and enough money for her visa plus a $500 donation on top of that. Some one has also offered to buy her a new computer as well!! She only needs $2500 more for her insurance and air fair.

This job will provide her with an apartment, food, two air fares for visits home, and a small stipend for other living expenses. It is her hope that this job will get her foot in the door and open up other opportunities for eventually getting a regular teaching job after her two year commitment is up!
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Jeremiah is sooo ready for school to be over and actually, so am I!!! I just need to order and administer his annual assessment and he needs to finish his study of North America and then we are officially done!!

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Bethany has been working on sight words, playing games, and being more independent at home and in the community.

Oh!! We also still have two very much alive woolly bear caterpillars and I have applied to the Dream Factory to help make Bethany’s dream of attending the Woolly Worm Festival in NC come true this coming October.

Thanks to a commentor for sending me the info about the festival. We have always wanted to apply for a dream for Bethany, but could never come up with something that we really thought she would enjoy. The Woolly Worm Festival seems like the perfect dream come true for her to me!

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Work has begun on the inside of the house and we have decided to put it on the market by August first no matter what may or may not be done on it. We have just got to get out of the sticks for all the kids’ sakes.

It will be weird having it be just me, Malcolm, Beth, and Jeremiah in the house. Our plan is to buy a 3 or 4 unit home. We’ll live in the largest apartment, our son Nathanael will live in one apartment, and we will rent out the rest to other people with special needs.

Then eventually, hopefully many years from now, Malcolm and I will transition out of being Bethany’s primary caregivers by moving into one of the smaller units and leaving her in the larger one with live in staff and other special needs roommates.

It tears my heart out just thinking about it and I honestly don’t know how or even if I’ll ever actually be able leave her, but somehow we need to prepare her for life without us.

Bethany will always have a home and an income from the rentals and I hoping that a sibling might want to live in one of the other apartments to keep an eye on things.

You might be interested in reading Self Determination Services for the Disabled in NYS.

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Well, enough about us!! How have you been? I hope you’ve all been awesome!!

8 Replies to “Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp: Dreams Coming True

  1. That is a lot of planning and changes in your future! I hope the wedding plans continue smoothly and everything is perfect on he day. Good luck getting the house ready for sale.

  2. Congratulations!! I’m sure Rebekah will be a beautiful bride. I share about myself, but rarely about others. Even then, I don’t give names so I can protect their identity. I rarely share negative things because most of them are too personal for the Internet. If my mom blogged about my meltdowns, I would be embarrassed, but I would not mind if I shared the information.

    1. Thanks Anna. I appreciate your point of view. Sometimes it is really hard because Bethany really doesn’t understand that I’m potentially telling the whole world all about her. I definitely need to be more sensitive as to what and how much I share.

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