Special Needs Family Link Share # 1

Special Needs Family Link Share

Special Needs Family Link ShareWelcome to the Special Needs Family Link Share! I’m so glad you came!  I love hearing from old and new friends each week! This is the safe place for those affected by special needs and homeschoolers to share, support, and encourage one another! Please share your awesome and unique story with us!!

This blog link up opens every Thursday night at 11:00 p.m. and closes every Monday at 1:00 a.m. US Eastern time!

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You may have notice that I changed the name of our link up.

That’s because I recently came to the realization that I don’t actually write about homeschooling much any more!

Jeremiah doesn’t really want to be a focus here and honestly, now that I don’t have to legally homeschool Bethany anymore, her lessons are more all about learning to live as independently as possible

Homeschooling is just not the main focus around here anymore!

But I hope you all will still share your weeks with us!

I love all of you and look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to each week!

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I hope you all had a fun filled, fabulous, happy and healthy week to speak of!

Not much has been happening over at our house this week.

Jeremiah and I have been moving right along with his studies, but we’re definitely in somewhat of a slump!

Our momentum and enthusiasm has worn down just a tad!

It’s probably due to a combination of cabin fever and spring fever!!

I also think we both need to hit the hay a little earlier and set our alarms a little earlier!

Bethany, Jerry, and I are all night owls and it bugs me!

I really would rather be awake when the sun is shining, but when you don’t fall asleep until some time after 4 am, it’s a little hard to wake up before 10!!

With spring and summer coming, I want to be awake and soaking up all the sunshine that I can during the daylight hours.

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I am happy to report that Bethany has made some major improvements in her eating habits!

She is once again enjoying eating cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, and brussel sprouts!

She has lost most of the 40 + pounds that taking Depakote (for her seizures) caused her to gain.

Now I’m concerned that she’s going to keep on losing it. 

In case you haven’t noticed, Bethany’s weird eating and drinking habits are a little bit stressful for me.

Her new purple room is just about ready for Barney to come and deliver the sensory items to her new sensory retreat room, which should be happening soon! 

Bethany has been enjoying making beautiful creations with her water colors and the stickers that some of her fans have sent her.

She’s also re-discovered The Wiggles, so we have been singing new/old songs around here.

And I think that’s about it for us! I’ll add some videos from our YouTube channels below!

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In case you missed them: 

I suspect that Bethany likes dice games not only because they are fun to play, but also because they provide her with an ample amount of sensory stimulation!

Playing dice games provides Bethany with the opportunity to:

  • Use her large gross motor skills to shake, rattle, and roll the dice.
  • Sharpen her manual dexterity, give her fine motor skills a work out, and fine tune her eye-hand coordination skills as she picks up and manipulates the dice in her hands and in between her fingers.
  • Engage her auditory system as she listens to the dice rattling around in the shaker and hears them as they tumble and crash out onto the table….

To find out the many other benefits, please continue reading at: The Benefits of Playing Dice Games With Special Needs Kids

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When my daughter, Bethany was little, even though she had tons of games, puzzles, and arts and crafts supplies to keep herself occupied, she didn’t have the wherewithal to be able to pick and choose something fun to do on her own.

So, to encourage and remind her that that there was more to life than watching movies, I created a visual activity schedule and choice board of games, puzzles, and other activities so she could learn to choose something else fun to do!

To see how I made simple a visual activity schedule for Bethany and for more resources, please continue reading at: Activity Schedules for Kids With Special Needs

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Most of us like to spend a little bit of our time after a hard day’s work, when school is over, or on the weekends pursuing hobbies, playing sports, or attending other community leisure activities that we find enjoyable!

Yet sadly, far too many people with special needs and disabilities do not have the luxury of getting themselves out into the community to participate in many of the enjoyable community activities that the rest of us just take for granted.

For community activity ideas and resources, please continue reading at: Community Leisure Activities for Special Needs

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2 Replies to “Special Needs Family Link Share # 1

  1. It’s great to see your weeks going so well and I’m happy Bethany has expanded her diet again. I’m sorry about the Wiggles though. The adults in this house are still scarred from when Amber was young. She remembers almost nothing of the Wiggles, while that big red car haunts us 🙂 Have a good week!

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