Special Needs Family Link Share #6

Special Needs Family Link ShareWelcome to the Special Needs Family Link Share! I’m so glad you came!  I love hearing from old and new friends each week! This is the safe place for those affected by special needs to share, support, and encourage one another! Please share your awesome and unique story with us!!

This blog link up opens every Thursday night at 11:00 p.m. and closes every Monday at 1:00 a.m. US Eastern time!

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I hope you all had an awesome week! 

The highlight of our week was our Easter celebration and the days leading up to it.

We were able to spend lots of time with Rebekah and William who were in the area all week visiting with various friends and family members.

We had a few dance parties, fooled around with keyboard sound effects, and went Easter dinner shopping with Rebekah.

Josiah, Katy, and William’s parents joined us for Easter dinner!

We had a blast eating good food,  enjoying each other’s company, and filming the Peeps Challenge!

I even made up a new challenge called, Guess the Gourmet Jelly Bean’s Flavor!

Bethany was not interested in having an Easter egg hunt when I mentioned it, but later on, at Rebekah’s invitation, she became a very enthusiastic egg hunter. 

I think Bethany’s Easter 2016 highlight though, was the silly putty that her friend, Nick sent over to her!

easter 3

easter 2 R&B


On Monday we took Bethany to see Zootopia, which she ended up enjoying very much, but the outing was not without it’s challenges, which you can read more about by clicking on A Day in the Life of my Special Needs Teen Daughter!

By the Way, Malcolm and I really enjoyed seeing Zootopia , also.

It’s not just a kid’s movie!

It has a very important and timely socio-political message hidden within its plot!


Be sure to check out and enter our children’s book give away. Click on the link below the videos for more information!

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Our videos of the week!

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In case you missed them:

  • I began adding fun TEACCH ideas into my daughter’s homeschooling program primarily because it is a highly visual educational approach and my daughter learns best when her lessons are presented visually. To learn more please visit: TEACCH Principals in Special Needs Homeschool Programs
  • Daily Life Therapy is an innovative, holistic approach to teaching autistic children and young adults that I just recently discovered! It was first established in 1964 when Dr. Kiyo Kitahara began using her method to teach her kindergarten classes in Tokyo, Japan. Her ideas quickly spread throughout Japan and then to Boston in 1987. Learn more at: Daily Life Therapy: An Autism Teaching Method
  • Don’t forget to check out and enter my “The Love Letters”: Children’s Books Give Away.  Each book is written from the perspective of a child who is writing a letter to Santa, a Thanksgiving turkey, and a Halloween pumpkin. In each “letter” the child explains that there is so much more to the holidays than getting presents, over indulging in yummy foods, and donning costumes then running around collecting as much candy as you can get your hands on!

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