Turning Crappy into Happy: Special Needs Family Link Share #9

Special Needs Family Link Share

Special Needs Family Link ShareWelcome to the Special Needs Family Link Share! I’m so glad you came!  I love hearing from old and new friends each week! This is the safe place for those affected by special needs to share, support, and encourage one another! Please share your awesome and unique story with us!!

This blog link up opens every Thursday night at 11:00 p.m. and closes every Monday at 1:00 a.m. US Eastern time!

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Hi everyone! I hope you all had an awesome week!

We’ve got a new motto here at Faith, Hope, and Love!

I came up with it after my husband, Malcolm, and I were talking about feeling like we’re constantly struggling to turn the crappy events our family experiences into happy ones!

Ever since Bethany got sick, we’ve been trying to find the positive in the negative and something good in the not so good situations that we seem to all too frequently find ourselves in!

We’re always trying to redeem our days, so it seems!!

So, without further adieu, here is our new slogan!

turning crappy into happy



Disabilities Project

I’m working on a disabilities project for my YouTube channel and thought it would also be neat to do the same here on the blog!

If you have a disability or have a child with a disability you might be interested in participating, even of you don’t have a YouTube channel!

I am putting together a video of short 3-4 minute clips of people answering this question: What is the most important thing you want to tell the world about your own or your child’s disability?

After I’ve gotten all your clips and stories, I’ll put them all together and publish them on YouTube and right here!

If you’re interested just let me know in the comments or you can just go ahead and send your video clips and/or stories to scphillips59@gmail.com

Thanks so much!! I look forward to hearing from you!

In case you missed them:

  • While I won’t go so far as to say that I lost my faith in God entirely over this heart wrenching tragedy, I will honestly admit that I did lose my faith in the power of prayer and I still struggle with that to this day. Find out why I I struggle with praying at: Power in Prayer? A Spiritual Crisis.
  • Bethany loses interest quickly and is easily distracted, so her lessons need to be visually attractive and appealing, but not too cluttered. Her educational experiences need to involve a little movement to keep her engaged, so she needs to be “doing” her lessons! See 5 games that fit the bill for Bethany and other visual and kinesthetic learners at: Learning Games for Special Needs Kids
  • It’s common knowledge that moving our bodies, working out, and getting some exercise helps keep our bodies in good shape. But did you know that exercise effects learning and moving our bodies helps improve brain functioning, too?! Find out how at: Exercise Effects Learning and Movement Improves Brain Functioning
  • This is my account of both a typical and not so typical day in the wonderful, crazy life of me: a special needs mom! It was a typical day because, unfortunately, everything I mention about Bethany is what typically happens every single day. But, what happened that day for my husband and me was anything but typical! Please continue reading at:  A Day in the Life of a Special Needs Mom

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