Special Needs Father’s Day 2018

We had a lovely Father’s day 2018!

Our celebration of Daddy actually started a few days early when Bethany came home from her day program with a surprise she had made for him!

She was so excited she just couldn’t wait until Father’s Day to give it to him!

It turned out to be a little tackle box filled with Swedish fish and other candies!

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On the Saturday before Father’s Day, our son, Josiah, his wife, Katy and their dog Oliver came over for a BBQ!

We had so much fun playing with Oliver out in the backyard!

He loves to fetch sticks and Bethany had a blast throwing them for him to retrieve!

She also enjoyed just sitting quietly and gently petting him.

It’s so nice that she can have a doggy experience, without the responsibility of dog ownership!

To top off our special needs Father’s Day weekend, we went to visit our daughter, Rebekah and her husband, William!

They live near the free carousel, and since Bethany and Daddy love riding it, we always make that our first destination!

It’s awesome that Bethany can ride as many times as she wants for free!

She doesn’t even have to get off and get back in line between rides!

When Bethany had ridden as much as she wanted to we headed over to Rebekah and William’s air conditioned apartment for pizza!

We had originally planned to have a picnic lunch at the park, but it was 95 degrees and Bethany does not do well in such heat.

After lunch the kids played Trouble, while Malcolm and I snuck out to the Dollar Store to have a look around.

Upon our return, we did manage to convince Bethany to go outside for a quick ride on Rebekah’s bike!

And lastly, of course, a visit to Rebekah’s would not be complete without spending some time with Sophia, the therapy hamster!

Back at home, in the cool of the evening, Bethany, Malcolm and I went out in the backyard to play baseball with the little plastic ball and bat that we had found at the Dollar Store.

Then Malcolm got some Father’s Day phone calls from our out of state kids!

Even though Bethany did have a little temper tantrum at Rebekah’s when told she couldn’t take Sophia out for a third time, we all felt that our special needs Father’s Day weekend had been a fun success!!

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