Weirdest 17A Special Needs Guardianship Citation Ever Served!

As part of the process in applying to become our daughter, Bethany’s legal guardians when she turns 18, we needed to have someone who is not a family member serve her the 17A special needs guardianship citation.

special needs guardianship citation

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The purpose of this is to protect people from being appointed guardians needlessly.

But in Bethany case, it was really quite pointless.

She couldn’t read it herself, nor could she does understand or comprehend what it even meant.

Never the less, it was something we had to do if we ever hoped to become her legal guardians.

The legal clerk at the Surrogate Court where we filed our petition had suggested we ask Bethany’s service coordinator to serve her the citation and we thought that was a great idea!

So we asked Bethany’s magnificent service coordinator if she would do us the honor.

Luckily for us, she was more than willing to serve Bethany the citation.

Since she is also the leader of Bethany’s beloved Flash Club, we thought it would be a great idea to have her serve Bethany the citation at club.

That way we could save ourselves an extra trip to town or save her from making a special trip out to our house!

The week we decided to have Bethany’s special needs guardianship citation served, club’s activity was swimming.

When the swimming session was over, Bethany and I headed to the women’s locker room to get her changed out of her wet swim suit!

Time was of the essence!!

We needed to get that paper served quick, because as soon as Bethany is dressed, she is off and running, ready to move on to getting back home and there’s no stopping her!

So, while I was still in the process of helping her get dressed, Bethany’s service coordinator came over and showed Bethany the citation.

She explained to Bethany that the paper meant her dad and I wanted to become her legal guardians and asked her if she was okay with that.

Bethany smiled and shook her whole body with a very enthusiastic and unmistakable, yes!

And that was the end of that!

Citation served!

Easy peasy!!

But I must say, I do believe our 17A special needs guardianship citation serving experience was like no other!

In fact, I’m reasonably certain it was quite possibly the very first time ever, that a legal paper was served in a women’s locker room by someone wearing a swim suit to someone who did not have any clothes on!!

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