Special Needs Inspirational Quotes for Parents

special needs inspirational quotes

Check out my post containing a few special needs inspirational quotes over at The Firefly Community!


Life is hard for the special needs parent!

Sometimes we need a little inspirational pick-me-up!

That’s why I put together the following little bunch of special needs inspirational quotes.
special needs inspirational quotes
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As the parent of a daughter who lives with multiple disabilities caused by brain tumor, I know from personal experience that being a special needs parent can be sad, depressing, overwhelming, challenging, physically tiring, and emotionally exhausting.

On the other hand, being the parent of a special needs child can also be fun, happy, exhilarating, invigorating, energizing, exciting, fantastic, and amazing!

Special needs parents live their lives on an emotional roller coaster.

When things are going good and our kids are happy and healthy we have our mountaintop experiences.

At other times we may find ourselves down in the lowest valleys.

Sometimes we need a little help climbing out of our valleys of despair and despondency and for that very purpose, I’ve put together this little list of 15 inspirational quotes for special needs parents. Some of them are even my very own quotes!!

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