Our Special Needs Life: An Aggressive Sunday

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On this particular Sunday in our special needs life, I woke up to Bethany poking me with her finger and ordering me to wake up!

For those of you who don’t know it, Bethany is my teen daughter who has many special needs that were caused by a brain tumor.

After getting out of bed and giving Bethany her three seizure medications, we both did what we always do every single day!

Bethany watched a few videos on her iPad and I checked all my social media and email accounts while we waited for everyone else to wake up!

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Bethany asked for tacos for breakfast, so I prepared re-fried bean tacos for her and sat next to her while she ate.

Breakfasts are often weird in our special needs life!

Some Sundays, my husband; daughter, Rachel; and son, Jeremiah go to church, but they hadn’t planned on going this day

We are trying to get our house fixed up a little to sell and when Sunday is your only day off, Sunday is the day to get things done!

However, I quit taking Bethany to church years ago for several reasons.

If you’d like to know why Bethany and I don’t go to church anymore, you can check out my post, I am a Christian who doesn’t go to Church!

You may or may not also be interested in Why I don’t attend Ladies Meetings!

After eating, Bethany took a nap on the couch, so I did too!

We woke up a little later to the sounds of our other family members talking and making coffee.

Bethany was a bit grouchy, but she cooperated when Kristin, her assistant, arrived to take her to Flash Club.

Art is the current activity at club, but Bethany has never been very much interested in doing artsy/craftsy type stuff.

While Kristin and Bethany were at club, Malcolm, Rachel, and I went to the store and stopped by our son Josiah’s and his wife, Katy’s new house.

We chatted with them for a while then headed back home!

Soon after we arrived home, Kristin and Bethany did also!

Bethany brought home a large Pizza Hut Veggie Lover’s pizza and ate the whole thing herself, though she did leave all the crusts!

Kristin said that Bethany participated in all the activities at club, but was not overjoyed with them like she is when they do more physically challenging activities!

Later in the evening, Bethany barged into Rachel’s room and tried to take her body spray!

Rachel gave her another body spray that Bethany could have kept for herself, but she was having none of that!

She only wanted the one that Rachel didn’t want to share.

When Rachel refused to let her have it, Bethany got really mad and started throwing things and threatened to pinch everyone!

Thankfully, this kind of behavior doesn’t occur very often around here anymore.

But sadly, sometimes anger and aggression are a part of our special needs life.

It has taken a lot of trial and error, but we have finally learned how to handle it quite effectively!

Bethany doesn’t like to be alone and prefers an audience when she’s having a tantrum, so telling her we are going to go in our rooms usually puts a stop to her nonsense!

So, Rachel went in her room and locked her door while I tried to explain to Bethany that there were better ways to handle her anger.

I also told her if she didn’t stop throwing things and threatening to pinch, that I would go in the bedroom and lock the door also.

That did the trick and for the rest of the night, Bethany was calm and content, but I wouldn’t say she was happy!

She played dominoes with dad and watched a few more videos.

Then it was time to get ready for bed!

She cooperated with her bath for me and her night time medication and tooth brushing routine for dad.

Then we all hit the hay at about 12:30 am!

And that was the end of an aggressive day in the special needs life of this special needs mom!

Oh, I almost forgot!!!

On this Sunday in the special needs life of this special needs mom, I also cleaned the bathroom!!

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