Preparing for a Very Special Needs Valentine’s Day Celebration

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*This post was previously published on 1/25/17

This year, I’ve decided to go all out and plan a very special needs Valentine’s Day party!

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never really paid much attention to Valentine’s Day before.

Presenting each of my kids with a heart shaped box of chocolates and telling them I love them was pretty much the extent of it!

However, throwing a very special needs Valentine’s Day party this years seems quite fitting, since my husband and I have made it our goal to create as many happy moments as we can for our whole family, but most especially for our daughter, Bethany.
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special needs valentine's day

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Bethany, who has suffered for most of her life because of a brain tumor, loves parties!

But I want her to understand that our special needs Valentine’s Day celebration will be more than just a party!

I want Bethany to understand that Valentine’s Day is a special day set aside to celebrate the love we have for each other!

Abstract concepts like love are hard for me to explain and even harder for her to understand!

So I think I’ll need some visuals as well as a few hands-on projects to teach her this lesson on love!

I’m hoping I can find a few Valentine’s Day picture books at the library to help me out!

Some other activities included in my special needs Valentine’s Day party plan are as follows:

  • Shopping for Valentine’s craft supplies.

I took Bethany with me so she could enjoy picking out her own Valentine craft supplies.  Then she went shopping for more supplies with her support worker! She chose foam heartsglitter hearts, and glitter craft paper! We also purchased paper heart doilies, stickers, and glitter glue.

  • Making our own Valentine’s Day cards!

Bethany has been using these special craft supplies to create beautiful Valentines for all the people she loves!

  • Wearing something special to our special needs Valentine’s Day party.

While out shopping with her support worker, Bethany also found a cute Valentine scarf to wear on the big day!

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  • Decorating for our special needs Valentine’s Day celebration!

Going all out decorating for our party is another thing I have in mind.  Therefore, I might get really extravagant and buy some festive party supplies and pretty paper party decorations to make our special needs Valentine’s Day even more special!

  • Playing party games!

I bet it would help us get into a fun holiday mood if we play a few Valentine’s Day party games. This Pin the Heart on the Fox game is adorable and the Stack the Candy Hearts game seems like fun, too!

  • Baking special needs Valentine’s Day goodies!

Naturally, I also plan to make and decorate either cookies or a heart shaped cake for our special needs Valentine’s Day party. I’m hoping Bethany will want to help out with that!

  • Giving the gift of traditional Valentine’s Day candy!

Lastly,  I’ll give Bethany a hug, tell her I love her, and hand her a little heart shaped box filled with an assortment of sweet and delicious chocolate candies!

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?

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