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National Autism Resources Corporation is your one stop, comprehensive, online resource for purchasing quality educational products, gifts, and toys,  perfect for children and adults with autism.

national autism resources

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purple divider - Copy - Copy National Autism Resources Corp offers over 1400 products for individuals with autism and similar special needs challenges. From calming products and sensory toys and tools to oral motor tools and chewelry to a plethora of top-notch teaching tools and everything in between, you will find what you are looking for at National Autism Resources Corp.

National Autism Resources is a leading top quality provider of research based therapy equipment and products for teachers and therapists since 2006!

As the homeschooling mom of a daughter who contends with multiple disabilities, including autism, I am constantly on the prowl, searching online for just the right educational materials to engage her mind and stimulate her brain and toys to regulate her senses.

National Autism Resources has never disappointed me!

National Autism Resources always fits the bill!purple-divider-Copy-Copy

Below are just a few of the excellent educational products from National Autism Resources that Bethany has loved using and benefitted from in our homeschool program!

  • The Body Sox made of durable, high quality, stretchy Lycra is perfect for stimulating body and spatial awareness. Body Sox develop the proprioceptive sense by providing deep pressure input. They help kids feel where their bodies are in space, and are therapeutic for kids who are tactile defensive! When Bethany was younger, she loved her bright orange body sock and actually so did Jeremiah!! body sox
  • Hot Dots are aother teaching tool that Bethany loved when she was younger! Combining bright, cheerful, colorful pictures with exciting lights and sounds, Hot Dots take the self correcting learning experience to a whole new exciting level!! Hot Dots allow Children to strengthen their reading, math, money, and other academic skills at their own pace, while also developing independent learning skills. hot dots
  • Flash Cards. Bethany loves working with flash cards of any kind. In fact, I think many children with autism love learning concepts using flash cards. Parents and teachers can teach just about anything using them…the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, sight words, math, opposites, matching, emotions…You name it and there is most likely a set of Flash cards to teach it!

    verb flash cards

  • Patterns and Sequencing Activities. Many of you may know that Bethany loves using manipulatives to copy and create patterns. She also enjoys sequencing activities. These types of learning experiences encourage her to work on her language and math skills. Magnetic Pattern Blocks are a favorite at our house!

  magnetic pattern blocksPhoto credits: National Autism Resources Corp.

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