Still Buried Under 3 Feet of Stella

Winter Storm Stella 4

It’s been nearly one week since Winter Storm Stella dumped 3 feet of snow on us!

We’ve had below freezing temperatures since then, so not much of it has melted yet!

Winter storm stella

The only real visible difference is that most parking lots, roads, and sidewalks are all clear now and the once beautiful, pure, pristine, white new fallen snow is a quite a bit dirtier!

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A snowy landscape is beautiful, I’ll admit.

But when the snow is falling down at the rate of several inches an hour for almost two days, it kind of loses it’s magic just a little bit!

We’ve lived in upstate NY for over 30 years and we’re used to cold, snowy winters.

Even so, we have never, ever before seen as much snow as Stella dumped on us last week!

My husband and kids took turns shoveling out the driveway every couple of hours, but they just could not keep up with Stella.

Winter storm stella 3

Blizzard of 2017


Our county, along with a few others, was declared to be in a state of emergency and a travel ban was instituted.

This snowstorm marked the first time ever that we got a robo-call from the county telling residents to stay off the roads.

It was also the first time ever my husband, Malcolm, didn’t have to report to work because of snow, in 17 years of working for the Post Office!

Can you believe after returning to work the day after the storm, a customer had the nerve to tell him he had shirked his responsibility to keep the mail moving?

Some people are just too much!!

Bethany was disgusted by all the snow because now she’ll have to wait for all that snow to melt before she can go out and look for her beloved woolly bear caterpillars!

But when all is said and done, Stella didn’t really bother us all that much.

I was dreading the strong winds that were predicted to occur.

Up here windy snow storms usually knock down a few power lines, but thankfully, the dreaded winds never came!

So our power stayed on and we all stayed safe and warm in our snug little house way out in the middle of nowhere!

Now we’re just waiting for 3 feet of snow to melt on this the first day of spring!!

Did Stella dump anything on you?  Let me know in the comments!

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