Ten Tips for helping People With Autism

This post contains affiliate links. I recently read the book, “The Autism Revolution: Whole Body Strategies For Making Life all it Can be” by Martha Herbert, MD, PhD with Karen Weintraub, published by Harvard Medical School. The author does not claim to have found the cure for autism. Instead she informs the reader of what […]

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Video Self Modeling: Teaching Special Kids Using Video!

  Bethany has loved watching herself, family members, and friends on video ever since I uploaded the very first video of our family’s daily adventures to our YouTube channel! She’s gotten into the habit of choosing a  new favorite every week or so and watches it over and over and over again! She never seems to […]

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Autism Parenting Books I’m reading

I’m excited about the two autism parenting books I recently purchased! Being the mom of an autistic daughter, I already have quite a few autism parenting books in my collection. I’ve got books on toilet training your autistic child, preparing your autistic child for school, and how to handle meltdowns. While all these books have […]

children's books give away

“The Love Letters” Children’s Books Give Away!

I’m hosting “The Love Letters” children’s books give away! I was given this is a set of three books, beautifully written by Soraya Diase Coffelt and delightfully illustrated by Tea Seroya, to review. After doing so, I decided they would make a perfect children’s book give away! The purpose of these three books is to […]

“If the Church Were Christian” Intro & Ch. 1 Review

Well, I am sorry to report that after reading the introduction and first chapter of,  If the Church Were Christian: Rediscovering the Values of Jesus by Philip Gulley, I’ve come to wonder just how he thinks he’s going to assist the church in rediscovering the values of Jesus. I gather it is the author’s opinion […]

Craft Stick Fun An Occupational Therapy Book Review

Craft Stick Fun, an occupational therapy book from Your Therapy Source: another cool, creative way to present occupational therapy activities to special needs children! I’ve mentioned before how much I love  “Your Therapy Source”   products. They just have such great affordable occupational therapy products available with just a click and a download! You don’t have […]

The Child With Autism Learns About Faith: A Book Review

  There’s a new resource out there for helping kids with autism understand spiritual things.  It’s a book titled, The Child With Autism Learns About Faith!   Since Bethany and I don’t attend church with the rest of my family, the wheels in my head have been turning as to how I might create a […]

Book Review: “The Visual Motor Workbook” From Your Therapy Source

Once again I have a creative and therapeutically effective workbook from, “Your Therapy Source” to review for you!  The name of the nifty little book is the  “Visual Motor Workbook”.   This downloadable book is packed with 54 pages of 20 different visual motor activities, each with varying degrees of difficulty.  It is available in […]