Our Neurology trip to Albany

On Monday Bethany made our  Neurology trip to Albany. We thought it would be fun to take Jeremiah with us, meet my niece and grandniece at the Children’s Museum but we discovered that it is closed on Mondays, so we decided to go to the NYS Museum instead Since it is almost a two hour […]

A Good Behavior and Learning New Skills Roll!

Bethany’s on a good behavior and learning new skills roll! She’s happier and doing lot’s of activities including self help chores! Since we began reducing Bethany’s Depakote level she has been eating a little less and beating us up a little less too! She’s much happier and as a result so are the rest of […]

Thoughts of a Special Needs Homeschooling Mom

The most recent random thoughts of this special needs homeschooling mom! 1)  My husband is a clerk for the  United States Postal Service.   Many post offices are  being down graded, including my husband’s, so that the PO can replace the higher paid clerks with  lower paid casual employees.  So far, no new position has […]

Seizure Medication Side Effects

Over the years, Bethany has suffered with a multitude of seizure medication effects. From excessive weight gain, to excessive weight loss, to insomnia to lethargy, and from super happy giddiness to super violent aggression. We are still tweaking Bethany’s medication levels.  She’s now back up to 1800mgs. of Trileptal, 20mgs. of Onfi, and in a […]