special needs stress

Stress, Depression, and Special Needs Parents

Stress, Depression, and Special Needs Parents often go hand in Hand. Where you find one, chances are you’ll also find the other! Parents of special needs children have a lot to worry about. We face enormous burdens that most people will never understand. Constant concerns about our children’s conditions as well as struggling to obtain […]

Autistic Teen 2

Depressed Autistic Teen Buys an Orange Square!

What is an orange square and why would a depressed autistic teen and brain tumor survivor want to buy one? Read on and follow us at our YouTube channel to find out! My husband, Malcolm, has a friend who owns a fabric store and he has been dying to take Bethany in there to see the […]

battling depression 2

Battling Depression and a Secret Revealed!

It’s getting harder and harder for me to deny that the depression I’m feeling isn’t just a passing phase that I’ll snap out of soon. Feeling depressed is nothing new for me. I’ve been experiencing temporary bouts of depression since I was ten years old. Every once in awhile, I just feel all melancholy and […]

special needs teen expresses sadness 2

How My Daughter, A Special Needs Teen Expresses Sadness

The following testimony describes how I believe my daughter, a special needs teen expresses sadness. Of course, I cannot be 100% certain, because Bethany cannot actually tell me how she’s feeling with words. However, based on my observations over the past 18 years, I’m fairly certain, that my theory is correct! *This post contains affiliate […]

Our Christmas Holiday and Depression

We had an awesome Christmas and I hope you did too! Sadly though, for  many people the Christmas Holiday and depression seem to go together. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who is always plagued with an underlying feeling of depression during and immediately following the holidays. I have battled with depression since I […]