sushi 2

A Sushi Night Out and a Few Seizures

Malcolm and Rachel had Monday off, so we decided to go out shopping. Little did we know that we’d also end up having Sushi for dinner afterward! Bethany didn’t want to come with us and neither did Jerry. Lucky for us Bethany’s  support worker was scheduled to spend a few hours with her! As soon […]

nutritional challenges 2

Nutritional Challenges that can Affect Special Needs Children

Unfortunately, children with special needs are at a higher risk for experiencing feeding problems and the nutritional challenges that come with them. Parents of children with special needs often battle with the overwhelming feeding and nutritional challenges they present. Some of our children can’t eat all, while others can’t stop eating! Below are five common […]

picnic food safety tips

Backyard Barbecue and Summer Picnic Food Safety Tips

I wanted to let you all know that I’m over at the Firefly Community today talking about summer fun barbecue and picnic food safety tips! If you’re anything at all like me, when you think of summer, visions of delicious picnics and mouth watering barbecues might dance in your head! The plain and simple fact […]

making quiche

DITL: Making Quiche With Rebekah

On Saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon, Malcolm, Bethany, and I took a little ride (60 minutes) over to our daughter, Rebekah’s house with plans of making quiche. Her husband was out of town and she wanted some company. Plus, she missed us and we missed her! So off we went! I’m always happy to […]

In My Kitchen: Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

*This post contains affiliate links. Thanks if you decide to purchase an item!* Ingredients 1 can tomato paste 3 cans diced tomatoes garlic onions potatoes green beans lentils cheese Directions 1) Start by boiling 16 ounces of lentils in 8 cups pf water for about 45-60 minutes or until they are the consistency that you […]

Jeremiah and the Chocolate Factory

If you have been following along in our adventures for a while you probably know by now that Jeremiah doesn’t like being away from his computer for long. While at times I do insist that he take a break from staring at that cold hard screen of his, most of the time I don’t fuss […]