dice games

Benefits of playing Dice Games With Special Needs Kids

*A version of this post was first published on 2/22/16. This post contains affiliate links. I am dedicating this week to providing you all with resources and ideas for fun, leisure time activities that kids and adults with special needs will be sure to enjoy. Today is all about the benefits of playing dice games […]

keep kids learning

Keep Kids Busy and Learning Until School Starts

Is the excitement of the summer break from school winding down for your kids? Are they suddenly bored and restless because there’s nothing fun left to do and no exciting activities left to look forward to? If so, you may be an exhausted parent looking for ideas on how to keep your kids busy and occupied […]

Early learning logic games

Four Fun Early Learning Logic Games for Little Ones!

I’ve always been a huge advocate for playing games with kids, especially early learning logic games! Playing games is a fun activity for kids and also teaches them some basic social skills, like waiting their turn and being good sports, but can playing early learning logic games teach our preschoolers any other useful skills or […]

6 Special Needs Products My Family Can’t live Without!

We are a large special needs family and we use a lot of products! Some of the products we currently use are designed especially for people with special needs in mind while others, ones that I still consider special needs products, were not. Because these products have enriched my daughter’s life, I want to share […]

learning games

Learning Games for Special Needs Kids

Since my daughter, Bethany is a highly visual and kinesthetic learner, I’ve collected quite a few learning games to use in her homeschool program! She loses interest quickly and is easily distracted, so her lessons need to be visually attractive and appealing, but not too cluttered. Bethany’s educational experiences need to involve a little movement […]

fun thinking games

18 Fun Thinking Games That Will Make You Use Your Noggin!!

In my attempts to engage my special needs daughter, Bethany in meaningful learning activities, I’ve accumulated quite the extensive collection of fun thinking games that make her use her noggin. I can honestly say that consistently playing  these mind engaging games with her has decreased the amount of time that  she automatically resorts to her default […]

“The Village Toy Shop” the Best Little Toy Shop in Central New York!

With the holidays fast approaching I wanted to share with you my favorite “go to – one stop” shop for finding just the right gifts for my kids, both young and old- The Village Toy Shop I’ve been shopping in their New Hartford, NY location for years, but if you don’t live in the area […]