Finding Hope in all this Hopelessness

*A version of this post was originally published on 9/28/12. Our battle with Bethany’s seizure disorder often seems hopeless. My husband and I are literally helpless bystanders in her battle. Somehow we’ve managed to hang onto a little hope throughout our ordeal. I’d like to tell you how. When Bethany has a seizure, other than administering rescue […]

A Special Valentine’s Day Message From Bethany

I hope you all have a very happy Valentine’s Day surrounded by those you love! Please take a minute to view Bethany’s Special Valentine’s Day Message especially for you! Tiffani at Tiffani Goff at Home posted such a cute video of herself and her daughter, Tiara that she inspired me to post one of my […]

Seizure Medication Side Effects

Over the years, Bethany has suffered with a multitude of seizure medication effects. From excessive weight gain, to excessive weight loss, to insomnia to lethargy, and from super happy giddiness to super violent aggression. We are still tweaking Bethany’s medication levels.  She’s now back up to 1800mgs. of Trileptal, 20mgs. of Onfi, and in a […]

Bethany’s Fun and Fabulous Night Out!

Sadly, it’s  not very often that Bethany feels well enough to go out so when she felt good the other evening we did everything in  our power to provide her with a fun and fabulous night out! If you have been reading most of my posts you probably already know that we have been playing […]