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Bethany’s Quest for Medical Marijuana is Finally Over!

quest for medical marijuana 2

I’ve said it before, but I’m gonna say it again just one last time!! The journey to getting our daughter, Bethany, access to medical marijuana has been a long and arduous one! When we first started out, it wasn’t even…
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Bethany’s Medical Marijuana Certification Paper is Finally Here!!

medical marijuana certification paper 2

It’s been a long, hard, emotional process, but I am thrilled to say, we finally have Bethany’s medical marijuana certification paper in our possession!! Marijuana for my daughter?!!! It’s so crazy to think about!! There was a time, when never…
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Special Needs Teen Gets Approved for Medical Marijuana!

medical marijuana 2

Breaking News!! Special needs teen gets approved to use medical marijuana to treat seizure disorder! Yesterday, my special needs daughter, Bethany had a Neurology appointment. Thinking her neurologist might suggest prescribing her medical marijuana was the last thing on my…
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Just What is Charlottes Web, Anyway?

Charlotte's Web

It is beyond my comprehension and extremely frustrating to me that there are still so many people who are adamantly against legalizing marijuana, including hemp oils like Charlotte’s Web, for catastrophic epilepsy and other equally debilitating illnesses. I cannot help…
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Bethany’s Blood Test and Other Good News!!


I had been dreading taking Bethany to get her blood drawn. She can be so uncooperative, you know. But getting this blood test is an important part of hopefully figuring out what’s making her hands turn orange. The orange tint…
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