Learning About Cause and Effect Special Needs Style

Cause and effect is the relationship between an action and what happens as a result of that action! Most children begin exploring and understanding the concept of cause and effect long before they are two years old. When I think of cause and effect, in my mind’s eye, I see myself and my babies, sitting […]

medical crisis 2

5 Ways to Help During a Medical Crisis

One beautiful and unseasonably warm fall day many years ago my husband and I found ourselves devastated and in shock when our then two year old daughter, Bethany was very unexpectedly diagnosed with a Pylocytic Astrocytoma- a brain tumor which was roughly the size of a baseball. One minute Bethany was getting a CT scan […]

brain tumor signs and symptoms

Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms

January is Brain Tumor Month here at Faith, Hope, and Love and today we are discussing brain tumor signs and symptoms! You may already know that by the time one of several doctors was finally able to correctly diagnose Bethany with a pilocytic astrocytoma, a brain tumor, growing in her cerebellum, she was on the […]

tips for special needs doctor visits

My Top 10 Tips for Positive Special Needs Doctor Visits

Discussing your child’s special needs with his or her doctors can be a scary process! When my daughter, Bethany was first diagnosed with a brain tumor, I often felt inferior and inadequate during doctor visits. Some of her doctors treated me as if I wasn’t smart enough to speak intelligently with them about her healthcare […]

special needs and homeschooling blog linkup

Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp: Happy Days!

Welcome to the Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp, the safe place for those affected by special needs and/or homeschoolers to share, support, and encourage one another. This linkUp opens every Friday at 5:00 a.m and closes every Monday at 1:00 a.m. US Eastern time! If you are in need of fun, creative occupational and/or […]


Bethany’s Blood Test and Other Good News!!

I had been dreading taking Bethany to get her blood drawn. She can be so uncooperative, you know. But getting this blood test is an important part of hopefully figuring out what’s making her hands turn orange. The orange tint to her skin could very well be be a sign that she’s developing liver failure […]

The Blood Test

For whatever reason, Bethany likes to get her blood drawn. You’d think with all the drama and aggression she sometimes generates for less intrusive reasons like say…not wanting to take a shower or not being permitted to walk in front of a moving vehicle, that sticking a needle in her arm would agitate her! But […]

Ten Hints on How to Prepare your Child (and yourself) for an MRI

A reader recently asked my advice on how to prepare for her daughter’s upcoming MRI. First I want to say that I am not an expert on this subject.  I can only relate to you my experiences with Bethany going through her many MRI’s! I am going to be totally and brutally honest here.  I […]

Bethany’s EEG Hospital Visit

Bethany’s EEG hospital visit! The Video EEG monitoring revealed that Bethany is NOT actually having seizures continuously as was previously thought. Her brain is always either in a seizure or pre-seizure state. It is never in a normal calm state. She has a continuous cycle of seizure clusters comprised of complex partial seizures that have multiple […]

Successful EEG Experience

This Thursday, October 4, 2012 finds me extremely exhausted. Neither Bethany nor I have slept in nearly 48 hours!  We had a successful EEG experience!  I am also ecstatically thankful that we were finally able to record Bethany’s typical seizure cycle on video EEG. We have been trying to accomplish this task for several years […]