Christmas 2012

*A version of this post was first published on 12/28/12. Please join us for Christmas 2012!! We all had such a great time visiting, feasting, munching on snacks, exchanging gifts and having fun together! One of the gifts I made for my adult sons this year was alcohol infused gummy bears and I must say, they […]


Conversations with an Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor

Dad came home from work one night and asked Bethany what she had done that day. Her answer?  “A really big poop.  Big like my big Jesus”! I added to the conversation by informing Dad that she had also worked on math. Dad asked Bethany who her teacher was and she pointed to me and […]

Autistic Teen 2

Depressed Autistic Teen Buys an Orange Square!

What is an orange square and why would a depressed autistic teen and brain tumor survivor want to buy one? Read on and follow us at our YouTube channel to find out! My husband, Malcolm, has a friend who owns a fabric store and he has been dying to take Bethany in there to see the […]

quest for medical marijuana 2

Bethany’s Quest for Medical Marijuana is Finally Over!

I’ve said it before, but I’m gonna say it again just one last time!! The journey to getting our daughter, Bethany, access to medical marijuana has been a long and arduous one! When we first started out, it wasn’t even legal for medical use yet, where we live! So we spent a couple of years […]

We Got a Very Exciting and Life Changing Special Delivery!

The Road to getting medical marijuana has been a long and arduous one for my daughter, Bethany, who suffers with uncontrolled seizures and aggressive behavior. Our journey began 16 years ago when she was just 2 years old. On one devastating day, our lives changed forever, the instant that Bethany was diagnosed with a very […]

medical marijuana certification paper 2

Bethany’s Medical Marijuana Certification Paper is Finally Here!!

It’s been a long, hard, emotional process, but I am thrilled to say, we finally have Bethany’s medical marijuana certification paper in our possession!! Marijuana for my daughter?!!! It’s so crazy to think about!! There was a time, when never in a million years, would I ever have dreamed that someday I’d desperately want to […]

medical marijuana 2

Special Needs Teen Gets Approved for Medical Marijuana!

Breaking News!! Special needs teen gets approved to use medical marijuana to treat seizure disorder! Yesterday, my special needs daughter, Bethany had a Neurology appointment. Thinking her neurologist might suggest prescribing her medical marijuana was the last thing on my husband’s or my mind! So, saying we were shocked when he straight up did just […]

The 2016 Election Results and Why People With Disabilities Are Worried

The 2016 Election Results are in and like it or not we will have a new president come January! It makes no difference now, if you preferred Hilary over Trump! The 2016 election results are in and Trump has won. The cuts and changes Trump has planned for the Medicaid program have many people with […]

Special Needs Family Link Share #15: Charlotte’s Web

Welcome to the Special Needs Family Link Share! I’m so glad you came!  I love hearing from old and new friends each week! This is the safe place for those affected by special needs to share, support, and encourage one another! Please share your awesome and unique story with us!! This blog link up opens […]