Autistic Teen 2

Depressed Autistic Teen Buys an Orange Square!

What is an orange square and why would a depressed autistic teen and brain tumor survivor want to buy one? Read on and follow us at our YouTube channel to find out! My husband, Malcolm, has a friend who owns a fabric store and he has been dying to take Bethany in there to see the […]

medical marijuana certification paper 2

Bethany’s Medical Marijuana Certification Paper is Finally Here!!

It’s been a long, hard, emotional process, but I am thrilled to say, we finally have Bethany’s medical marijuana certification paper in our possession!! Marijuana for my daughter?!!! It’s so crazy to think about!! There was a time, when never in a million years, would I ever have dreamed that someday I’d desperately want to […]

The 2016 Election Results and Why People With Disabilities Are Worried

The 2016 Election Results are in and like it or not we will have a new president come January! It makes no difference now, if you preferred Hilary over Trump! The 2016 election results are in and Trump has won. The cuts and changes Trump has planned for the Medicaid program have many people with […]

Special Needs Family Link Share #21: Charlotte’s Web Update

Welcome to the Special Needs Family Link Share! I’m so glad you came!  I love hearing from old and new friends each week! This is the safe place for those affected by special needs to share, support, and encourage one another! Please share your awesome and unique story with us!! The special needs family link […]

t-shirt campaign

Bethany’s Crappy Happy T-Shirt Campaign!

We just launched our very first ever T-Shirt campaign, Turn Your Crappy Into Happy We’ve designed an adorable t-shirt featuring our new slogan, “Turn your crappy into happy” and the smiley poop emoji! Proceeds from all sales will go directly toward providing Bethany with a better quality of life. We hope to raise enough money to […]

8 tips for managing Medications

8 Tips for Managing Medications

Keeping track of our special needs children’s medications can be an anxiety filled and somewhat distressing chore for parents! It’s difficult enough for busy, over worked and over tired special needs parents to keep track of just one medication, let alone the multiple medications that many of our kids must take just to make it safely […]

Friendship Friday 10/4/13 Seizure Free One Year!

Welcome to Friendship Friday! I’m so glad you came! You are wanted and welcome here! We have a miraculous and exciting anniversary to celebrate today! This week we spent some time at the hospital lab getting Bethany’s blood drawn. Surprisingly and thankfully, Bethany has always been good about it. This is one procedure that she […]

Thoughts of a Special Needs Homeschooling Mom

The most recent random thoughts of this special needs homeschooling mom! 1)  My husband is a clerk for the  United States Postal Service.   Many post offices are  being down graded, including my husband’s, so that the PO can replace the higher paid clerks with  lower paid casual employees.  So far, no new position has […]

Seizure Medication Update

It seems that our stressful, frustrating and  never ending quest to get our seizure medication on time before a tragedy happens continues! The diastat prescription did not come in the mail yesterday and apparently the Doctor’s office forgot or for some other reason neglected to call in the emergency one day supply to our local […]

Special Needs and Medications

Special Needs and Medications often go together.  Special needs families find themselves forever  on a stressful, never ending quest to procure the correct medication just in the nick of time! Bethany began showing signs of seizures coming last Sunday. On Monday she had lots of simple partial seizures and two grand mals. She spent the […]