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Depressed Autistic Teen Buys an Orange Square!

Autistic Teen 2

What is an orange square and why would a depressed autistic teen and brain tumor survivor want to buy one? Read on and follow us at our YouTube channel to find out! My husband, Malcolm, has a friend who owns a…
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Bethany’s Medical Marijuana Certification Paper is Finally Here!!

medical marijuana certification paper 2

It’s been a long, hard, emotional process, but I am thrilled to say, we finally have Bethany’s medical marijuana certification paper in our possession!! Marijuana for my daughter?!!! It’s so crazy to think about!! There was a time, when never…
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Friendship Friday 10/4/13 Seizure Free One Year!

Welcome to Friendship Friday! I’m so glad you came! You are wanted and welcome here! We have a miraculous and exciting anniversary to celebrate today! This week we spent some time at the hospital lab getting Bethany’s blood drawn. Surprisingly…
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Thoughts of a Special Needs Homeschooling Mom

The most recent random thoughts of this special needs homeschooling mom! 1)  My husband is a clerk for the  United States Postal Service.   Many post offices are  being down graded, including my husband’s, so that the PO can replace…
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