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How My Daughter’s Special Needs Meltdowns Make Me Feel

special needs meltdowns 2

It’s a fact of life: Sometimes people with special needs have special needs meltdowns. My daughter Bethany has quite a few special needs and unfortunately, one of them is the inability to always remain in control of her anger. I’m…
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Behavior Meltdowns and Mayhem at the Phillips Household

behavior meltdowns 2

You may have noticed in my link share post, Leaping Backwards, that I mentioned Bethany had had few behavior meltdowns that week! In that post, I described her meltdown at the fair in some detail. I also mentioned in that…
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Bethany’s Behavior Plan: Another Update

autism behavior plan

We haven’t been implementing Bethany’s behavior plan for very long, but already we are encountering problems with its use! Now, don’t get me wrong…I really do believe that the plan is great in theory.  It’s just that it isn’t all…
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Friendship Friday: More Risky Behavior & The Zoomobile

Last week I reported that Bethany was behaving aggressively; specifically hitting and pushing when she didn’t get what she wanted. We had another “risky” behavior incident last Sunday as well! Call us crazy, but desperately wanting to give our angry…
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Friendship Friday: On the Mend

Welcome to Friendship Friday, the gathering place for friends both old and new! Please link up whatever is on your heart today. Some share the ups and downs of life in their special needs family while others share their weekly…
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