Conversations with an Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor

Dad came home from work one night and asked Bethany what she had done that day. Her answer?  “A really big poop.  Big like my big Jesus”! I added to the conversation by informing Dad that she had also worked on math. Dad asked Bethany who her teacher was and she pointed to me and […]

Empower Different at Fun and Function

Empower Different at Fun and Function, Your one stop shop for occupational therapy items, sensory integration products, and special education materials! After my daughter, Bethany underwent brain tumor surgery at age 2, she had a stroke. The stroke caused right sided hemiplegia and she lost the use her right arm, hand, leg and foot! Bethany also has […]

A Sensory Integration Therapy Room Instead of a Trip to Disney

When our chronically ill, special needs daughter’s application for a dream was approved, we asked for a sensory integration therapy room instead of a trip to Disney and here’s why… When we were recently notified that Bethany’s application for a dream had been approved, my husband and I suddenly found ourselves scrambling to think of […]

Acquired brain injury

Recovery From an Acquired Brain Injury

Because, Bethany’s brain fell and tore blood vessels during the surgery to remove her brain tumor, she is considered to have an acquired brain injury, not a traumatic brain injury.   An acquired brain injury is an injury to the brain that is not hereditary, congenital, degenerative, or induced by birth trauma. It’s an injury […]

special needs and homeschooling blog linkup

Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp: Still Happy!!

Welcome to the Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp, the safe place for those affected by special needs and/or homeschoolers to share, support, and encourage one another!! This linkup opens every Friday at 5:00 a.m. and closes every Monday at 1:00 a.m.  Don’t have a blog? That’s okay. We’d love for you to join the […]

online therapy source

My Fave Online Therapy Source

Your therapy Source is by far my favorite online therapy source for affordable, fun, creative, and effective occupational and physical therapy products and special education materials! Each item is written or created by a team of professionals with years of experience in pediatric therapy and special education with the intent of being used as resources […]

Craft Stick Fun An Occupational Therapy Book Review

Craft Stick Fun, an occupational therapy book from Your Therapy Source: another cool, creative way to present occupational therapy activities to special needs children! I’ve mentioned before how much I love  “Your Therapy Source”   products. They just have such great affordable occupational therapy products available with just a click and a download! You don’t have […]

Book Review: “The Visual Motor Workbook” From Your Therapy Source

Once again I have a creative and therapeutically effective workbook from, “Your Therapy Source” to review for you!  The name of the nifty little book is the  “Visual Motor Workbook”.   This downloadable book is packed with 54 pages of 20 different visual motor activities, each with varying degrees of difficulty.  It is available in […]

“Patterns, Patterns, Patterns” A Book Review

  Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, a downloadable work book and excellent occupational therapy resource from Your Therapy Source! Homeschooling a special needs student sometimes means that you must also provide them with (and prove that you are providing) a little extra assistance in the area of special education, occupational and/or physical therapy. If you are in […]