Scientific Magic Tricks

*A version of this post was first published on Jan. 18, 2013. *This post contains affiliate links. When my son, Jeremiah was was little, he loved searching through youtube videos for amazing science tricks and experiments. Actually, he was quite the little pyromaniac and conducted several experiments involving fire! Other science projects Jerry worked on and […]

keep kids learning

Keep Kids Busy and Learning Until School Starts

Is the excitement of the summer break from school winding down for your kids? Are they suddenly bored and restless because there’s nothing fun left to do and no exciting activities left to look forward to? If so, you may be an exhausted parent looking for ideas on how to keep your kids busy and occupied […]


5 “Must Haves” for Teaching Special Needs Kids About Insects

If you have a kid with special needs who is as obsessed with bugs as mine is, you just might be interested in our 5+ “must have” items for teaching special needs kids about insects! Even though I am no longer legally required to homeschool my special needs daughter, Bethany, we both still love to […]

Friendship Friday 12/13/13

Welcome once again to Friendship Friday, the place for friends to gather and share what’s been on their minds and what’s been going on during the week. Everyone is welcome to share any family friendly ideas! This week I have spent some time ordering Christmas presents online. Shopping online with free shipping is just so […]

Friendship Friday 11/21/13

Welcome one and all to Friendship Friday! I’m glad you came to share a little bit of your life with us! On this Friday before our U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday I want you all to know that I am truly thankful for each and every one of you! Since I will be busy with family and […]

“Chirp! Bird Song USA+” Bird Identification iPad App

If you love birds the way that Bethany and I do, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this lovely bird identification iPad App! “Chirp! Bird Song USA+” by iSpiny! It’s a bargain at only $2.99. iSpiny also has  a Britain and Europe combined version, and a Canada version available.  You can also purchase a Netherlands bird […]