On Being the One Who Needs Care: Self Care for the Caregiver

Self care… I used to believe it meant being selfish, until I had neglected my own health to the point of developing high blood pressure, peripheral artery disease and lots of pain!! Now I realize that taking care of my own health is not a selfish luxury, but an extreme necessity. *This post contains affiliate […]

loneliness and isolation 2

Combating the Isolation and Loneliness of Being Disabled

Being the disabled mom of a disabled kid, I can say with all honesty, that we both experience feelings of isolation and loneliness as a direct result of our disabilities. My limited mobility and chronic pain, my daughter Bethany’s unpredictable behavior and seizure activity, and living in an extremely rural area are the biggest contributors […]

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How My Daughter’s Special Needs Meltdowns Make Me Feel

It’s a fact of life: Sometimes people with special needs have special needs meltdowns. My daughter Bethany has quite a few special needs and unfortunately, one of them is the inability to always remain in control of her anger. I’m not gonna lie! Living with special needs meltdowns is no picnic. Dealing with Bethany’s occasional […]


Surprise Visit to Bethany’s Sister’s House: A Day in the Life

Last Sunday, Malcolm, Rachel, Jeremiah, and I set off on a journey to pay a surprise visit to our daughter, Rebekah and her husband, William! Our visit wasn’t meant to surprise them, though! They knew we were coming! We had arranged the whole event with them, in advance! Our surprise visit was actually for Bethany, […]