special needs stress

Stress, Depression, and Special Needs Parents

Stress, Depression, and Special Needs Parents often go hand in Hand. Where you find one, chances are you’ll also find the other! Parents of special needs children have a lot to worry about. We face enormous burdens that most people will never understand. Constant concerns about our children’s conditions as well as struggling to obtain […]

christians, please stop saying this 2

Christians, Please Stop Saying This to People In Crisis

I am a follower of Jesus! Some people call that being a Christian. I spent many years attending Christian functions and hanging around with other Christians. Hearing and speaking Christian lingo was my norm! “Praise the Lord”, “God is Good!”, and “God has blessed me!” are all relatively harmless phrases that most Christians spew out […]


Surprise Visit to Bethany’s Sister’s House: A Day in the Life

Last Sunday, Malcolm, Rachel, Jeremiah, and I set off on a journey to pay a surprise visit to our daughter, Rebekah and her husband, William! Our visit wasn’t meant to surprise them, though! They knew we were coming! We had arranged the whole event with them, in advance! Our surprise visit was actually for Bethany, […]

positive disciplinary techniques 4

Positive Disciplinary Techniques for Special Needs!

How my husband and I put positive disciplinary techniques into action for our daughter with special needs!! Over the years, my husband Malcolm and I have tried many child disciplinary methods. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away my husband and I did occasionally spank our children. However, that is not […]