My Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor

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Explaining Death and Dying to Special Needs Kids

How do you explain death and dying to special needs kids? I didn’t think that my daughter Bethany, an autistic brain tumor survivor, was capable of understanding death. However, I realized my assumption was wrong  after a conversation we had…
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Dollar Tree Homeschooling For My Special Needs Teen


Want to see Dollar Tree homeschooling at it’s finest? If so, keep on reading to check out the awesome Items I’ve found and love for our Dollar Tree homeschooling program! *This post contains affiliate links. Dollar Tree is one of…
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Our Special Needs Family Week in Review!

week in review 2

Welcome to our Special Needs Family Week in Review!! I’ll be posting a re-cap of our weekly activities every Friday and I’ll be checking out your blogs at least every Friday as well! If you want to make sure I…
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Bethany’s Special Needs Homeschool Graduation

special needs homeschool graduation 3

On Saturday, June 18, 2016 we celebrated the special needs homeschool graduation of our beautiful daughter, Bethany Rose Phillips! We wanted to keep Bethany’s celebration low key, calm, and uncrowded in the hopes that it would prevent a sensory meltdown….
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