Technology for Special Needs

Way back in 1996 we had finally saved up enough money to buy our very first personal home computer!

We were so excited and amazed by what a computer could do!

The use of floppy discs, diskettes, cd-roms, chat rooms, email, paint and drawing programs, educational games like the JumpStart series, and surfing the Internet quickly became a part of our regular, everyday routine!

Now,  more than 20 years later, computers are now so much a part of lives and important to everyday living that I wonder just how we ever survived without them.

I am especially grateful for how much computers, iPads, and phones have improved my special needs daughter, Bethany’s quality of life!

The following is a list of basic computer and internet skills that I feel are important for Bethany to learn.

Some she has mastered and some she is still working on

• Turning on the computer

• Using the keyboard

• Navigating the desktop

• Learning to spell favorite websites’ names

• Learning to spell the names of the people they want to communicate with

• Using email, Facebook, Skype, and/or other favorite social media choices

• Using Google

• Using YouTube

In my opinion, the possibilities for computers to assist people with special needs is nothing short of miraculous!

People with disabilities can use computers to communicate, find information, earn degrees, and entertain themselves, though they may need special equipment to do so.

Advancements in technology have exploded in recent years making all kinds of technological devices, hardware, and software available to assist the disabled!

The following is a list of special needs technology available for people with special needs.

• Voice activated typing programs

• Speech recognition software

• Special computer access methods for people who cannot use a keyboard

• Dynavox

• Communication apps for iPad

One of my favorite resources for Special Needs Technology:

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