The Benefits of Yoga for Bethany and other Special Kids!

Most of you already know that Bethany has been attending Flash Club, an activity club created especially for children with Autism.

She  has loved it right from the get go!

Currently, Flash Club is hosting a Yoga class designed with the unique needs of special  children in mind.

I have to admit that at first I was skeptical Beth would even participate in this new class at all, let alone ever actually enjoy it!

I thought Yoga might move along too slowly for her and not hold her attention.

Bethany  is also not very flexible when it comes to changes in her routine or in accepting new people into her life.

Plus, she had warned me before hand that she didn’t want to have a new teacher or begin a new class routine.

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True to form, as soon as Bethany walked into the exercise room, despite a warm and friendly greeting from Casey, her new instructor, she did her usual “stop and drop” onto the floor routine and refused to participate.

We let her have her space so she could process the changes and hoped she would decide to join us when she was ready.

Her dad and I got out our mats and along with her classmates began learning how to do Yoga!

Casey was very sweet and very understanding which is just what kids with special needs like Bethany need!

This did not surprise me because I knew that she had been specially trained to provide Yoga instruction to children with special needs and has had lots of experience in doing so!

She encouraged Bethany in a non- threatening way to join us when she was ready and then let her have her space.

After watching everyone have fun learning yoga for a while, Bethany got her mat out and joined the rest of us!

To my delight, Bethany has adapted uncharacteristically quickly to her new instructor and routine.

She works hard, concentrates, and stays active for the whole hour! She now enjoys Yoga class immensely!

In fact, she never wants class time to end!

Bethany loves the fun social games that Casey starts class time out with so the participants can get to know each other better!

She doesn’t hesitate in the least when it’s time get down to the business of dancing and learning stretches, poses, and breathing exercises.

Bethany is thriving in this class and I can see that the other children are also enjoying and benefiting from participating.

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I love how Casey encourages the kids to do their best in a supportive way without being intrusive or threatening.

Her demeanor and teaching style reflect her gentle, considerate and respectful manner.

According to Casey’s website Spirit Song Yoga, the benefits of yoga for any children include the following:

Strengthens Core Musculature
Balances the Nervous System
Supports Sensory Processing
Enhances Self-Regulation
Enhances Speech and Language Abilities
Supports Sequencing and Motor Planning Abilities
Supports Creativity and Imagination
Supports Overall Physical Fitness
Encourages Shifting One’s Attention Inward
Aids In Integrating the Two Hemispheres of the Brain
Enhances Self Awareness and Self Esteem

Yoga can also help special needs children with sensory processing, ability to focus and self-regulate, language development, building core strength and enhancing self esteem.

Children’s yoga classes assist with all of these areas of development as well as enabling children to be more receptive to learning and to have optimal social interactions.


I highly recommend visiting Spirit Song Yoga to learn more about Casey and Yoga for children with special needs.

If you live in the Binghamton, NY area and are interested in taking a class or two check out Class Descriptions and Class Schedules


You can contact Casey at:
25 Riverview Road
Binghamton, NY, 13901

tel: (607)760-9549
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*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  I did not receive compensation of any kind for writing this post. It is just my honest opinion that Bethany is enjoying and benefiting from participating in Casey’s Yoga class and wanted to let my readers know that their special needs loved ones may enjoy and benefit from practicing Yoga (with Casey or another qualified instructor) too!

*This post was originally published on 9/30/2014 and updated on 4/16/18
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  1. It’s always so encouraging to hear when Bethany makes progress like this. It must feel so good to you as her mom. Thanks for adding it to’s Tuesday special needs link share!

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