The Reading Lesson: A Curriculum Review

The reading lesson

The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to read in Twenty Easy Lessons

The reading lesson

I was recently given the exciting opportunity to review a cute, new (to me) award winning reading program called, The Reading Lesson, written and designed by Michael Levin, MD., a child psychologist with extensive knowledge in child brain development and Charan Langton, M.S.

This structured reading program uses the phonics method of reading instruction and promises that it will have children ages four through eight reading fluently after completing just twenty easy, step-by-step, ten minute lessons! Even older children who have reading difficulties may benefit from using this reading program, also!

When I received my package containing The Reading Lesson in the mail, Bethany and I opened it immediately and began rummaging through its contents, eager to discover what goodies might lurk inside.

I was pleasantly surprised to find, not only a copy of the book containing all twenty lessons, but the package also included the accompanying CD-Rom, a plush “Giggle Bunny” stuffed animal, and a cute T-shirt featuring Giggle Bunny, himself!

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Bethany was quite eager to begin her reading lessons! While I cannot claim that she has learned to read using The Reading Lesson program at this time, because we haven’t finished all the lessons yet, I can confidently proclaim that, as you can see in the photo and the video below, Bethany did learn some new sounds and words and was quite proud of her accomplishments!

I can also honestly report that each activity captured Bethany’s attention and interest which, I can assure you, is not an easy task to accomplish. She has a tendency to lose interest in learning activities fairly quickly. However, Bethany is enjoying her reading lessons immensely and I am confident that she will continue to progress as she completes each lesson.


Each lesson in The Reading Lesson is about twenty pages in length and features new sounds and words to be learned.

Experiencing immediate success upon discovering that he or she can read a sentence after the very first lesson and is able to read fun, exciting new stories beginning with just the third lesson are both monumental motivators  certain to keep your child moving right along toward the ultimate goal of learning how to read fluently using this innovative, fun reading program!

I think the beauty of The Reading Lesson reading program is that your child can complete each lesson at his or her own optimum learning pace.

If your child experiences a challenge and needs to spend a little more time on one lesson that’s fine! If your child is excelling in the program and wants to work on three lessons a day, well then zipping right through the program is fine too!

I believe the key to success in learning to read using The Reading Lesson lies with consistency in completing each lesson in order and the review of the letter sounds and vocabulary that your child will be repeatedly exposed to in each lesson!

Once your child has completed each lesson successfully you can issue him or her the certificate (found in the back of the book) for a job well done! Also in the book is a progress chart that can be copied and used to keep track of your child’s progress with the program!

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It’s my opinion that The Reading Lesson and the other excellent educational learning materials featured on their website are perfect additions to any homeschool reading program. I also think they’d be great if you believe your child might benefit from some extra, supplemental “after school” reading practice!

You can actually get started teaching your child to read using The Reading Lesson program for free!! All you have to do is download the first three lessons at the Freebies and Printables Page!

On The Reading Lesson website you can  SHOP for the package that I received and featured in my review plus other fun and educational learning products and materials, including story books, educational CD-roms, math worksheets, hand writing work sheets, and a letter sounds DVD!

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bluedivider light *Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Reading Lesson book, the accompanying CD-Rom, a plush Giggle Bunny stuffed animal, and a T-shirt in exchange for this review.  I was also monetarily compensated to write this review. However, none of  the above influenced my review in any way. All opinions expressed in this review are my honest own.* bluedivider light We’d love for you to join our big, happy, family!! Please Subscribe to our blog by email and to our daily You Tube vlogs below and please consider sharing this post on your other social media accounts!! Thanks!!


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  1. We used this and loved it! It was extremely successful for us and I never understood why it wasn’t more mainstream for homeschoolers. I kinda miss that Giggle Bunny.

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