Top 5 States With Best Services for the Disabled

best disabled services

best disabled services

Each year the United Cerebral Palsy Organization researches and compiles a list ranking each state for how good its services for the disabled are. 

The top 5 states with the best services for the disabled are currently:

  1.  Arizona

  2.  Michigan

  3.  Hawaii

  4.  Georgia

  5.  New York

According to the report:

  • There is room for improvement in all states.
  • 38 states have 80% of their disabled population being served with 80% of the resources being spent on community support.
  • 14 states do not have institutions for the disabled that would isolate them from society.
  • 18 states have 80% of their disabled population being served in their own homes or in homelike settings.
  • 6 States offer self directed services. (Bethany uses this service!)
  • 39 states participate in the National Core Indicators (NCI) model, a comprehensive quality-assurance program that includes standard measures to assess outcomes of services.
  • 15 states were supporting a large share of families through family support.
  • 10 states have at least one-third (33 percent) of individuals with ID/DD working in competitive employment.
  • 13 states report successfully placing at least 60 percent of individuals in vocational rehabilitation in jobs.
  • Waiting lists for residential and community services are high and show the unmet need.

On this website you’ll find not only the ranking of each state, but also how each state performed in the following categories:

  • promoting independence
  • promoting productivity
  • keeping families together
  • reaching those in need
  • tracking health, safety, and quality of life
  • spending and people
  • Kansas, Massachusetts, and Washington State case studies


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I’m feeling pretty good about living in NY right about now!  Of course there is always a chance that NY’s status (or any state’s) can move either up or down on the list.

That’s why advocating and fighting for services for the disabled is never ending and of the utmost importance.

That’s also why this list is so important.

The Case For Inclusion  Report is intended to help advocates and policymakers understand:

  • How their state performs overall in serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities;
  • What services and outcomes need attention and improvement in their state; and
  • Which states are top performers in key areas, so advocates and officials in those top-performing states can act as a resource for those states desiring to improve in key areas.

If you would like more information on state rankings please visit The Case For Inclusion 2014.  As far as I know they have not compiled 2015’s list yet.

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