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Vascular Surgeon Appointment Update

vascular surgeon appointment

You all may remember that last week I revealed I had been diagnosed with peripheral artery disease and was referred to a vascular surgeon.

So, today I went to my vascular surgeon appointment.

The results were good, but also kind of frustrating.

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Apparently, my case is mild, thank the Lord!

The good news is that I’m not in any immediate danger of having a stroke or heart attack!

I just need to keep my blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.

The frustrating part is that he doesn’t think the pain or other disturbing symptoms I’m experiencing have anything to do with my PAD, but everything to do with my spinal stenosis!

He also seems to think my condition is pretty urgent and wanted me to get back to the neurosurgeon next week.

Only, I couldn’t get an appointment that quickly!

I sort of feel like I’m getting the run around.

I was hoping for a simple fix, but since I’ve already gone through cortisone treatments and physical therapy, I’m guessing surgery is the only option I have left to try.

At this point, I don’t care what’s causing the pain.

I just don’t want to feel it anymore!

And I need to be able to walk!

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  1. BW aka Barbara from Boston

    I had stenosis (its now back again) but had a laminectomy done 19 yrs ago since i had other problems as well due to an industrial accident..It solved the problem for years. However i had to agree to stay in bed for 3 months following surgery. I noticed the difference coming out of anesthesia. Mind you there have been surgical improvements since then and my surgeon was very conservative.
    How is Bethany doing w/ the marijuana?

    1. Sylvia (Post author)

      A long recovery time from possible surgery is what I’m worried about! Bethany is doing well. She hasn’t had any seizures since day 3 of taking it. I was hoping it would make her much happier, but so far we haven’t noticed much difference in her mood.


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